Traders at Gaelcon

We are delighted to announce the following traders are confirmed for Gaelcon 2023.

Visit them in the trade hall Friday: 6pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 6pm, and Monday 9am to 5pm.

KickacraftHandmade Leather Jewellery and accessories
ReRoll GamesA game and hobby store serving the local and not so local community of County Meath for the last 8 years!
Limit Break ComicsThe European Science Fiction Society nominated publisher of Turning Roads, Down Below, Meouch and Lens. It celebrated its 5th birthday in July 2023.
Ozma Art & GamesFreelance artist that makes prints & stickers based off of range of games.
Wonderfool ArtArtist with a background in animation creating prints, stickers and other small goodies
sunnystoriesAn autistic queer artist who sells invisible disability lanyards and badges, pride art of frogs and other frog related things. They draw fanart of cartoons and anime and sell them as prints and stickers The art they create is for people to see themselves in it to get the representation they need in media.
itsHalfpintA digital artist who specialises in stylised art for commissions and art prints ranging from original designs to fanart and crossovers. They also sell a large number of sticker designs.
MartachanartThey sell hand made prints, stickers, badges, notepads and crochet goodies. The themes are DnD, frogs, skeletons and cute stuff. There’s something for everyone!
LauraAndTheCanvasThey sell original art in the form of prints, pins, keychains and mugs. New lines of T-shirts and hoodies of their art too. They also sell hand painted canvas pieces of fanart.
PeannluiFreelance artist making her own comic books, art prints and fun merchandise.
Seventy Percent CocoaThey have an Etsy called Seventy Percent Cocoa where they sell their original illustrations and fan art. They have a wide variety of framed and Unframed prints, stickers and badges.
ItsiksterSFW fan art and original prints and paintings, suitable for all ages!
Elisabeth Neveux IllustrationLinocut prints, pen and ink illustrations and gouache paintings inspired by eerie fairytales, ghost stories, nature and women.
MeMyselfAndMishaDigital artist and crafter and making shadow boxes based on retro games also sells their artwork as stickers and badges all printed and made by themselves
Cuddlefish StudioHandmade plush and accessories
MinteafoxSmall artist store that sells stickers, enamel pins, keychains, prints, and some other goodies
Pawprint PaintingsOriginal artwork and prints of adoptable DnD characters, fantasy designs, stickers, anime Fanart and the likes.
Jog Brogzin Fantasy MapmakingJog Brogzin is a fantasy artist and mapmaker. His clients include RPG publishers, boardgame designers and fantasy authors. He sometimes draws real world locations, often with a fantasy twist.
Warlock LeathercraftHandmade leather gaming accessories such as dice trays and dice bags.
Sandbox LtdTTRPG and TCG shop in Cork where weekly tournaments for MTG, Yugioh and Pokemon are run!