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Who are we?

The Irish Games Association is a body which is dedicated to promoting gaming in Ireland, by running, supporting and publicising gaming events, while seeking to communicate and cooperate with others that do likewise.

The IGA engages in a number of activities designed to further its stated aim of promoting gaming in Ireland and has evolved substantially over its lifespan. Originally, the IGA was a group composed of different gaming interests from around the country who came together to organise an event known as Convention: Gaelcon. Since that time, a number of changes have taken place, and the IGA has expanded into other fields.

The goal of the IGA is to help the gaming community in whatever way possible, be it by organising events, providing information, or offering what assistance it can to others who are working on behalf of the gaming community in Ireland. If you are running an event and need some assistance or some friendly advice please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

News from the IGA

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Whatever it is in your timezone, world or game setting As we move into the autumn, I wanted to ...
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Gaelcon 33 is falling nicely into place for the October weekend. We’re taking on the feedback from last year with ...
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Our hopes for Gaelcon 33 changed as the news changed from week to week, but we have decided that we ...
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Updates on Gaelcon

Hi, I'm Gerry and I have the privilege of being the con director for the 35th Gaelcon, I'm going to ...
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This year's charity auction was an absolutely amazing event, we raised a total of €27,122.69 for our charity partners! Thank ...
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We are delighted to announce that GMT Games (https://www.gmtgames.com) has sponsored our boardgames events and raffle prizes all weekend.  Make ...
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Who we are not

The IGA are not a representative body for the casino/slot machine gaming industry. For information on this please visit the Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland website.

The IGA are not a representative body for the video games industry. For information on this please visit Imirt the Irish Game Makers Association website.

What is Gaming?

The term ‘gaming’ when used in this context does not refer to gambling or any pastime that involves betting money. For us, “gaming” is a group of different hobbies which share some common links: it’s about having fun, it’s social and it’s a good break from the day-to-day of the real world. Outside of that, there is some contention over what counts as gaming and what doesn’t! The Irish Games Association is primarily involved in organising events involving non-electronic gaming: Boardgames, Collectible Card Games, Tabletop Roleplaying, Live Action Roleplaying and Wargaming.

What Gaming is NOT

There have been many misconceptions about gaming in the past, ranging from accusations of devil-worshipping or black magic to people thinking of it in terms of sexual roleplay. While we’ve no objection to the latter, it’s not something we allow at our family-friendly events… and the former couldn’t be further from the truth. Roleplaying is simply a social pastime, based on storytelling and imagining yourself as a character within the story. Wargaming is tactical competition; like a more complicated version of Chess. Collectible Card Games are… a bit more complicated to explain. There’s a decent article about them on Wikipedia. None of these things has any dark, sorcerous or malevolent undertones – it’s all about people meeting up with their friends and having fun.