Heroes of Conarrige

Recently the Irish Games Association, in conjunction with our charity partner Helium Arts, the Children’s Arts and Health Charity, were delighted to run a two-day live-action roleplay (LARP) event for CanTeen Ireland, an organisation working with teenagers and young people with cancer. Taking place on the grounds of All Hallows College in Drumcondra, the extensive grounds and old-fashioned buildings provided the perfect setting for a fantasy LARP.


Assisted by very generous members of the wider Irish gaming community who volunteered their time, effort, and equipment, we transported the twenty-five CanTeen service users and volunteers to the otherworldly Keep of Conarrige. Here these Visitors were expected to make themselves useful learning the skills of the warrior, defender, sorcerer, or healer.

Masters Healer & SorcererAfter receiving training in these arts by the Masters of Conarrige, a number of missions scouted the surrounding area for threats and dealt firmly with some upstart bandits! Meanwhile the more scholarly inclined Visitors were pondering the riddles of the Master Sorcerer and teaching the Loremaster about their own world.

OutworldersLater, tragedy struck! The Seneschal of the Keep, known for his commanding voice and abrasive attitude, proved to be a traitor. He murdered not only the Lord of Conarrige and the Master Sorcerer but also, against all law and custom, the gentle and well-loved Master Healer! Having made his escape, the Visitors to Conarrige, guided by the surviving Master Defender and Master Warrior, planned their defense against his inevitable assault on the Keep.

Healers The next day the Keep was a tense place: morning scouting missions revealed a large force massing under the outcast Seneschal. A visiting noble, Laird Lachlan, threw in his lot with Conarrige and helped organise the defense. In preparation for the final battle, a number of Visitors who had shown great skill and courage were appointed to fill the vacant roles of Master Healer, Master Sorcerer, and Seneschal.

The MastersMeanwhile research was conducted on how exactly the Lord of Conarrige had been murdered, and how the Seneschal had grown so powerful. It appeared he had drawn power from the mysterious magical stone that protected the Keep of Conarrige … fragments of which the Master Sorcerer had gifted to several of the Visitors before his tragic death. Could they be the key to destroying the fallen Seneschal?

StormageddonThe final battle was a fierce and bloody one. The outcast Seneschal strode the field with a voice of thunder, seemingly invincible, and his armies had no end. The noble defenders of Conarrige threw back wave after wave of enemies, but it seemed certain they would fall. Then, at last, a group of Visitors ambushed him with fragments of the stone, keyed to spells of protection. Cast into confusion, he was struck down and finally slain by a band of warriors. Seeing this, his followers fled.Flee

What a triumphant return these heroes had to Conarrige! Exhausted, battered, but unbowed, they returned to a Keep they had protected when all else failed, and they were justly honoured for it by the Masters and Laird Lachlan, new Lord of Conarrige. At a reception in the Great Hall of Conarrige the otherworldly Visitors were proclaimed not just guests and friends but Heroes! In preparation for their departure to their own world, they were presented with armlets of braided precious metals to show their status and as keepsakes of their time in Conarrige.

ArmletAfter all, who was to say they would not return?

Conarrige may well need heroes again.

Heroes of ConarrigeHelium Arts – www.helium.ie

CanTeen Ireland – www.canteen.ie

Armlets by Adreanna Robson Designs – http://www.facebook.com/AdreannaRobsonDesigns

Giving What you Catan

Check out this charity event on August 1st. Get your boardgaming fix for a good cause 🙂


Gaelcon Submissions

Despite what the weather might indicate spring is fast coming to a close and soon summer will be upon us and the Gaelcon committee are busily planning for the 2015 convention over the October bank holiday weekend (23rd – 26th October).

We in the RPGs and LARPs department are grateful that we’ve got such a vibrant gaming community to work with in this country, one that continually produces top notch games despite it’s small size. Writing for the convention nets you con entry, a bag of goodies, food & drink while you run your game, and last but by no means least, the unending gratitude of the RPG & LARP team. Writing multiple games will net you all that, plus additional fabulous and/or mysterious “stretch-goals”*

Submissions are now open. Phase one for submissions ends on 31st of May – after this point we enter Phase two and begin constructing our timetable. We will continue accepting submissions until the 30th of June but preferential treatment will be given to games submitted by the May 31st deadline. We know people are eager to find out what’s running at conventions and plan their schedules accordingly so we aim to finalise the timetable and have it online before the end of summer.
As ever we can’t always accept every game that we are sent, but we will make sure to notify people as soon as we know how our timetable is progressing.

If you have an idea for a game, then email us at rpgs@gaelcon.com or larps@gaelcon.com

Vaticon – Eblana Stand

Vaticon is happening this weekend in UCD! With the L5R kotei and two of the largest ongoing LARPS (Gilgamesh and Higher Powers) on it’s sure to be a good one.

Don’t forget to swing by our Eblana stand to say hello and ask about the game.

Eblana Update

Eblana Event 5: Conclave will be held between the 10th and 12th April.

Friday night will be a soft time-in at the Academy with Saturday and Sunday being set at the Conclave itself. Unfortunately, there have been some complications with getting a site sorted for this event. We are hoping to be able to confirm the actual venue this week. When we have it we will put up an FB and G+ event as well as posting on the forums as usual.

Cork Action League Christmas Quiz! (and Raffle)

Hey guys it is time for our Cork Action League Christmas Quiz! (and Raffle)

Upstairs opens at 20.00 and we’ll be trying to get folks sitting down and ready to start pretty quickly. We are hoping to start Round 1 at 20.30 at the latest.

Feel free to come anytime from 19:00 and sit downstairs, we’ll bring along some of our smaller games and make them available.

It costs 20 euro per team of 4.

We will be selling raffle tickets, and having a bake sale, filled with many delicious things.

Our previous quizzes have been super popular, so it is always a good idea to book tables. This is possible by messaging Cork Action League or dropping an email into cork.action.league@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

CAL – New Venue – An Spailpin Fanach

The Cork Action League has a new venue. On the 24th of November we’ll be meeting in “An Spailpin Fanach”. We will be downstairs from 7 till 8 playing short games, and will move upstairs at 8 for the rest of the evening.

There is a lot of space upstairs so we will be expanding the games we play.

We are currently looking into bringing in some 4′ x 4′ war games. We hope to also have an RPG or two, and possibly some CCGs.

If there is something you want to play, please let us know.

It is going to be a lot of fun, so bring some games, tell your friends and lets get this league started.