Gaelcon 2024

Gaelcon will return in 2024. Follow us on social media or here for updates.
Convention will run from October 25-28th 2024.

Convention Opening Hours:

Friday from 5pm to 1am
Saturday from 9am to 1am
Sunday from 9am to 1am
Monday from 9am to 5pm

Illustration of three dice a d20. d12 and a d10

Updates on Gaelcon

  • Done for 2023

    Whew! Many thanks to all our attendees, traders, volunteers, GMs, scenario-writers, sponsors, the hotel staff, committee members, and our guest of honour Lynne Hardy.

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  • RPG Tickets Available at the Con

    All non-demo RPG games cost €4 to play. You will be able to purchase a ticket for the slot ahead (starting at 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm), unless the next slot would be on the next day (e.g. you can’t book Saturday morning games on Friday night).The only exception to this is Pathfinder: You can book…

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  • Things to watch out for on Sunday at Gaelcon

    Note Sunday is the Dublin City Marathon (route)! This means lots of the city centre is blocked off from early (starts 7.45am). See the details of impact on traffic and public transport here. Note the hours go back on Saturday night so you get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning (except you have…

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