Demo Squad Assemble – Dublin Comic Con Style

For another year, on the 12th – 13th August, Dublin Comic Con took place in the Dublin convention centre. We sent a couple members of our Demo Squad to show off their skills on Sunday of the con.

We arrived at the con early on Sunday morning, despite transport and traffic woes. Up in the dedicated tabletop gaming area, we set up with a pile of our own pickup and play RPGs and a stash of Sandbox’s board games.

It was a great weekend where we showed off a number of our favourites games including Luchador. Skulls proved a hit and a large number of people had an enjoyable experience with Ah Here Now, a very Irish equivalent of Cards Against Humanity. We even learnt a new game when we were introduced to Boss Monster, a fun cave exploring, adventure game with a twist. Thanks to Sandbox for showing us the game, looks like we might be adding a new game to our collection.

Boards game weren’t the only flavour of the day, groups were also introduced to the joys of Tabletop Roleplaying Games. One such game featured the antics of a scheming group of criminal bears (in hats) out to steal the prized contents of HoneyCon ’17 in “Honey Heist”, a one-page RPG by Grant Hewitt.

At the end of the day, we rounded everything off with many of our previously visitors returning for one final round of fun accusations and finger pointing in a huge game of Werewolves of Millers Hollow.

We would also like to thank Dublin Comic Con for giving us space and for Sandbox for helping provide some board games. Because of this, we were able to introduce people to the wonderful world of gaming.