Boardgames at Gaelcon 2022

Help us make Gaelcon 34 the best ever Gaelcon for boardgames!

Ciara and Rob have been appointed as dedicated boardgame coordinators in an effort to provide increased support for boardgames at Gaelcon 34.

Some of the changes they have implemented this year include:

  • A dedicated boardgames room, with a mix of events and open tables to allow boardgame lovers to play uninterrupted from opening until late;
  • A free-play area for boardgames in the main hall, which will also be used for demoing, teaching and generally promoting boardgames;
  • An open gaming room, which will host playtesting for new locally-developed games;
  • Colour-coded flags/displays for each table to help attendees find new games, teachers or players;
  • An online game-advertising system during the Con to help with games and events that require a bit more planning; and
  • A pre-Con matchmaking service for people who want to play longer games and reserve a table.

As usual, we will have an extensive boardgame library available for you to rent and this year all Gaelcon tickets include a token for one free boardgame rental.

All weekend we will have events to introduce novice and experienced players to boardgames. To facilitate this, Gaelcon are delighted to partner with Dublin Gaymers (see their Facebook page at:, however more volunteers are needed.

We are also engaging with a number of other community groups ahead of the convention to source ideas and encourage their participation at the Con. If we have not yet reached out to your group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A 20% discount is available for boardgame clubs who block-book 10 or more tickets by the 14th of October. Contact for details on how to secure this discount.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help with a boardgame activity during the Con, for example, by running boardgame demos/playtests, hosting special events or facilitating/teaching boardgames, please let us know by filling in this form: If you want to run a specific game, please do this as soon as possible and if you want to teach/help on the day please do by September 30th at the latest.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Gaelcon 34 Committee