Heckcon – Higher Powers, Catalyst, MIBs

This is the big one folks. Iga.ie/heckcon brings you something you can get nowhere else.

Higher Powers fans: replay the tabletop RPG here. Even better, we have one of the sold out prebooks for Gaelcon’s HP game up for grabs in one of our raffles.
LARP fans: Nick Huggins has hand picked one of his favourite scenarios to replay here for you beautiful people, And a little bird tells me he may have a little helper. Andrew Barcoe and Fergal Keenan’s inaugural team up at LARP writing. Say you were there when it started.
Wargaming Fans: Catalyst games Demo table
R.P.G.s: We have them!
With over 1000, pages of pick up and play games. We are running a lucky dip of things to play. Grab a table of players and run the whatever fate has in store for you.