Boardgames in 2023

This year we continue to improve our boardgames offering with a 4-day schedule of planned games (most with rules teaching), a library of boardgames for you to use (requires a deposit), a team of volunteers to teach and play games with you, a dedicated boardgames area open to at least midnight on Fri, Sat and Sunday (games close at 5pm Monday) and free-play tables in both the boardgames area and main hall. In 2023 fees for playing boardgames have been eliminated. The boardgames desk is located in the boardgames room ( Room 18 on the first floor of the Hotel).

We have a geek list of games on Board Games Geek which shows official games and also allows players to suggest games they would like to meet up and play with others on the free play tables.

We must thank GMT Games and David Kershaw, designer of Irish Freedom for their sponsorship of boardgames at Gaelcon. We will have a free raffle of boardgames on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 5pm. Everyone who plays a scheduled boardgame, takes a game from the library or registers with the boardgames desk that day will be included.

Boardgames at Gaelcon are hosted in association with Dublin Gaymers and Chimera Con.

Rob, Ciara and Denis