Wargames at Gaelcon 2022

Folks, Wargames Tournament tickets are now good to go! So lets talk about Wargames tournaments at Gaelcon. 


Firstly, as you may have heard, this year we will be hosting our tournaments off site at Underworld Gaming, coming to this decision took a long time, and extensive discussion, but with our venue getting moved in March, it wasn’t feasible for us to run a tournament of the size and quality we would strive for in the Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown. Our Wargames team were asked to find possible solutions, and this is what we’ve been able to put together. Last year we ran the Gaelcon 40k event in November at Underworld, and it was a great event, so we’re happy to be able to work with them this year again.
For our players, because we’re working with a store, we have been able to run a broader range of games, with more prize support per person.

Speaking of the games, Here’s what’s happening in Underworld!

Firstly, the Gaelcon classic, Warhammer 40k. See the rulespack here

Secondly, we have a Lord of the Rings SBG Doubles event

And, finally we have a Horus Heresy Community ‘Event’ (The event is murder)

Weekend Wargaming tickets will be 45, to cover the cost of prizes and also booking out an entire store for the Weekend. Weekend Wargame tickets also get you into the Con in the Crowne Plaza when you’re not pushing around small Plastic/Resin/Metal Soldiers and rolling dice.

Have fun.
Gaelcon Committee.