The Final Update

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Gaelcon is only days away, set on course, full steam ahead and hopefully no icebergs!

The world has had a rough enough year, but this year’s committee have done sterling work in the face of it all to bring together a weekend which should allow everyone to relax and have some fun.

We have many of the usual crop of RPG writers back but also a few new faces, including international contributors with some new and interesting experiences in store.

Dublin Gaymers are back with boardgames, Tony from ReRoll is providing some Magic and Lorcan and the Battletech crew are back (my autocorrect insists his name is Lorca: is there a Discovery there?)*

Joining us this year with two great collaborative mapping sessions is Jog Brogzin: he’s broken new ground in collaborative mapping projects and his sessions provide a chance to play the mapping game in a new way

Also new are the serious historical board wargamers organized by Rob Brennan: this is a first time event introducing people to playing proper wargames and we’re grateful to them for putting this on

We have panels, again, starting with a late night panel Friday with the stars of the Adventuring Party and some IGA old hands to talk about the history of the con. Panels over the weekend will talk about issues on the gaming world: content creation, myths and other topics before we finish Monday with the “Future of the IGA” panel

Saturday night is Quiz night with Graham and Sunday is the Charity Auction hosted again by Brian “Dublin2029” Nisbet with VIP tickets for every con we could nag into donating, including next year’s Gaelcon which will be pitched by next year’s Con Director.

There’s not much more for me to do this week, except thank my committee again for a great year.


*Editors Note: I can’t believe I let him keep this joke in.