Academy of Eblana


Welcome to the ongoing Academy of Eblana LARP!

If you’re a new player and want some more information about the system, or about LARP in general, please click here. For more information on the general game setting, click here, and for more information on the playable species please click here. The latest rules version is Rules 1.9.1, with the latest amendment available here (1.9.3).

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After the Eternal Empire fell, there was chaos. Petty wars raged, and no-one could put their trust in any but their closest friends. Fifty years ago, several disparate bands met in the mountains overlooking the ruins of the Imperial capital, Eblana. Each was distrustful of the others.

But something happened that day, long ago. Instead of fighting, or parting ways, they decided to work together. What brought on this cooperation, they would not say, but together, they were stronger. They set out to bring this strength to bear, to bring order out of chaos.

These brave souls developed a reputation. They would accept challenges others would not. Though few in number, they seemed always to be there at the right moment to influence the world, by word or deed.

But strong as they were, they could not do it alone.

They decided to seek out others who could do great things, heroes who needed only the chance to shine. They founded the Academy, a place where those with potential could be tested, and where that potential could be released.

Now it is your chance to shine. You are about to join the graduates of the Academy on their ongoing adventures throughout the ruins of the Elven Empire.

Anyone can be a hero. But not everyone is a hero…

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