IGA Games Night – Dublin

IGA Games Nights Every Thursday night @ 7pm

Location:  Robert Reade Bar and Cafe,19 Store St, Dublin 1.IGN

Cost: Free!

Weekly gaming in the heart of the city.

It comes in two flavours though!

Guided Play week. Guided Play weeks will be every second week, and Free Play will be on the opposing weeks.

On Guided Play nights we will provide a host of hosts ready and willing to teach games. We will also provide a wide selection of games to pick up and play. These nights should be full of activity and you are practically guaranteed to get a good variety of games in.

On Free Play weeks, which will be less structured and quieter. Players are highly encouraged to bring some of their own games, and make use of the more chilled atmosphere to try and get in a game of Bloodbowl, an RPG or a long play/space intensive game.

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If there are any games you especially want to learn, please get in touch with us and we can see what we can do!