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The Book of Blurbs: Page 3

Welcome to the Third part of our list of RPG and LARP Blurbs, descriptors of original scenarios created specifically for Gaelcon by wonderful writers!

You can read Part 1 HERE

These scenarios are designed to fit within a three hour play session, some are suited for beginners and some are not so we’ve marked them. We also have age ratings so con goers can decide if they want a game that deals with adult issues or something a little more PG.

Age Ratings are:

A: All Ages

T: Teens and Older

M: Mature: Adults Only

A “Suitable for Beginners” tag does not mean all ages can play, please pay attention to the age ratings too.

We also have a Content Awareness to highlight if there is anything involved in the scenario some players may find problematic.

These games will be run only once in a time slot (which is yet to be determined) but multiple tables run by our super GM’s may be on offer.



Title: The Stolen Light

Author: Joao Alves

System: D&D 5th Editions

Age Rating: T: for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


Embark on an enthralling quest in “The Stolen Light,” a thrilling Dungeons & Dragons adventure tailored for daring characters of 1st to 3rd level.

Unravel the enigmatic tale of a high-priest’s misguided devotion, where a sacred relic, the Lantern of Calandra, has been ruthlessly stolen, plunging a once serene village into turmoil.

Brave the perilous Bloodmoors, navigating through treacherous swamps and confronting mysterious swamp creatures, as you endeavour to restore the tranquility of Glenwillow.

Uncover the truth behind the theft and embark on a quest for revenge and redemption.

Will your valour and wits be enough to restore the spirit of the goddess Calandra and bring back the stolen light to this secluded village? Venture forth and embrace the challenge in this adventure!

Content Awareness: No flags given.


Title: The Woman Taken by the Wind

Author: Bekka C

System: The Witch is Dead

Age Rating: A for All Ages

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


After her banishment from the kingdom, the once wicked witch Rhiannon did her best to change her ways. As one of her beloved familiars, no one knows this better than you. Which is why it was such a shock when you awake to her having being killed!!

Band together with your fellow familiars and hunt down the witch hunter who did this. Who knows, perhaps you can save her.

Content Awareness: Death and very mild gore.


Title: Fey Wanderer

Author: Neil Byrne

System: A unique d20 system.

(If you have played 5e or any other d20 system you can pick up the rules in five minutes)

Age Rating: A for All Ages

Suitable for Beginners: No


Fey Wanderer is a whimsical, rules light ttrpg scenario in which you play fey creatures questing for treasure in the Fey Realm. It is a fun, light hearted game with an open magic system powered by your imagination!

Content Awareness: No flags raised.


Title: Escape from the Red Star.

Author: Jamie Bowden

System: Unofficial RWBY Tabletop Game

Age Rating: T: for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners:


Since the Time Before Time, you Matoran have laboured in the service of Mata Nui, the Great spirit; guarded by selected Matoran heroes, the Toa, and lead by Turaga, all under the remit of the three Virtues: Unity, Duty, Destiny. As long as you can remember, that is how things worked.

But now you remember dying, and you don’t remember how you ended up in that pod.

But here you are, in some abandoned facility being chased by the unnatural and the unliving; have you been thrown into the infernal pits of hellish Karzahni or has even Artakha fallen into the vile hands of the Makuta?

All you know is the last you remember you were Matoran, and now you’re Toa heroes.

Game set in the Bionicle universe using the Unofficial RWBY system for 3-6 players

Content Awareness: Mechanical Body Horror, Dark back stories


Title: A Gobbo’s Flag is Deepest Red; 2Gorka 2Morka

Author: Xander Cosgrave

System: Dark Heresy (Ish)

Age Rating: T: for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


GorkaMorka has (probably) been unceremoniously destroyed by agents of Kounter-Revolushun. These agents include, but are not limited to, Humies, Beakies, Shinies, Beepy Humies, the Bourgeois Ork classes, and any Gobbo who isn’t a member of the Red Gobbo’s Glorious Revolushunry Party.

Fortunately you have escaped using a ship stolen from the Shinies (That’s Good), who want it back (That’s Bad), The Red Gobbo has a cunning plan (That’s Good) and needs his most skilled agents to complete it, that’s you. (That’s Very Bad)

It’s simple really, you need to find a way to steal enough paint from the next Humie world you find to paint your entire enormous ship in Revolushunary, Fast, Red. This place ‘Ball? Bawl? Bahl?’ Seems to have plenty of it.

Content Awareness: Violence.



Title: Render Unto Caesar

Author: Gavin Walsh

System: Homebrew Larp

Age Rating: T: for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: No


“In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war”

That might be true for most of the galaxy but not for Castor. Far enough from anything important yet close enough to enjoy Imperial protection it has been a peaceful and prosperous planet in the far future of the 41st millennium. In fact the regular tithe has become less of a concern and more of a time of celebration.

That is until now.

It appears the entire Imperial Tithe has gone missing. And with the Emperors representatives arriving soon it is up to you to find out what to do or who to blame. Trouble stirs on the paradise planet and secrets may come to light as you must find a way to… Render Unto Caeser.

A political science fiction larp set in the Warhammer 40k universe for 10-14 loyal citizens of the empire

Content Awareness: No Flags given.

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