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The Book of Blurbs: Page 2

Welcome to the second part of our list of RPG and LARP Blurbs, descriptors of original scenarios created specifically for Gaelcon by wonderful writers!

You can read Part 1 HERE

These scenarios are designed to fit within a three hour play session, some are suited for beginners and some are not so we’ve marked them. We also have age ratings so con goers can decide if they want a game that deals with adult issues or something a little more PG.

Age Ratings are:

A: All Ages

T: Teens and Older

M: Mature: Adults Only

A “Suitable for Beginners” tag does not mean all ages can play, please pay attention to the age ratings too.

We also have a Content Awareness to highlight if there is anything involved in the scenario some players may find problematic.

These games will be run only once in a time slot (which is yet to be determined) but multiple tables may be on offer.



Title: Moonlight Narcissus

Author: Eoin Moore

System: D&D 5th Edition

Age Rating: T for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


You, a devout servant of Lathander, arrived on the shores of Chult many months ago.

Your goal was to reopen a long-abandoned abbey and resume its mission: to provide medicine and education to the local people and, in doing so, convert them from their heathen beliefs to the light of Lathander.

Things have not gone smoothly. The locals remember the last mission with disdain, and while some accept your services, none of them seem convinced by your god’s promises. The land itself also seems to reject you: your crops refuse to take root in its soil, the weather is oppressive and there are reports of terrible monsters lurking in its dark, mysterious jungles.

One day you are summoned by Celestia, your Mother Superior. She has asked you to investigate the source of a mysterious flower, with seemingly magical properties, that the locals treat with great reverence. In your investigation you will visit strange places, face tremendous adversaries and determine the fate of this fledgling mission.

Content Awareness: Religion, Colonialism


Title:The Masked Return

Author: Tadeus Cantwell

System: Warhammer (Fantasy) 4th edition

Age Rating: T for Teens and older

Suitable for Beginners: No


Following a successful mission to gain vital supplies for a party in Marienburg as the independent city came back from a plague, you all were granted invites to the grand party from the renowned host from Tilia.

The audience fell to silence as he made his grand appearance on the balcony above and swept around in a flurry of meet and greets. Yet still the tongues wont stop wagging, that this is an imposter. His close friends who vouched for you on the previous task from him now ask you to get to the bottom of what is happening

Content Awareness: drug references, debauched partying, criminal violence.


Title: A Shroom With a View

Author: Stephen Conlan

System: Dungeon Crawl Classics

Age Rating: T for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners:

Blurb: A gigantic mushroom tower has sprung up in the forest near a sleepy village. Spores are infecting the locals, turning them into mindless zombies, the local leaders have tasked our adventurers with investigating the tower and halting the mushroomy menace.

Content Awareness: Mushroom based monsters, some undead. Possibly some drug references. Mostly a zany and comical tone so no proper horror or anything.


Title: The Old Witcher: Ballad Of The Wild Wolf

Author: Nuge

System: New World of Darkness / Chronicles of Darkness

Age Rating: M Mature: Adults only

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


“Good news, Tomek! I found us a witcher to deal with that bukavac that’s been eating your sheep!”
“Gods, finally! So who is it, Anzelm? Is it … Geralt of Rivia?”
“That’s a shame. Thornwald The Armoured?”
“Vadmir the Manhunter?”
“Who? And no”
“Conal The Bloody?”
“Thankfully no”
“Who then?”
“… Marek of Stary Dol…”
“…Tais’tea’lai aen Ban Faa’sach ?!?”
“You know my elfish is rusty”
“…the Dragontoucher?”
“Hadn’t … heard that one”
“The Firestarter of the Ostergaard Bridge?”
“That’s surely exaggerated”
“You mean we have to entrust our livelihoods to … The Wild Wolf?!?”
“…he was cheap?”
“…I think I was happier with the bukavac…”

Content Awareness: Danger, claustrophobia, Slavic mythological monsters


Title: Dungeon Repair Squad

Author: Dylan Breheney


SPELL is a chaotic system where you assemble spells out of random scrabble tiles in order to solve problems and create new ones. This is a game about planning, lateral thinking, tower defense and negotiation.

Age Rating: T for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


The Tomb of the Profane One was once a place of horror, where countless adventurers went to disappear. But times change, even if Liches don’t.

These days, the once isolated Dungeon exist well within city limits, and a steady stream of adventurers has left the place in disrepair; the traps are broken and abused, the minions have left their stations and the upper floors of the Dread Tomb are populated with squatters, food vendors and gift shops. Even worse: rent is overdue. With just hours before a group of government-licensed adventurers arrive to repossess the Dungeon, the Profane One has taken desperate measures.

You have been summoned onto the scene; the most powerful magic workers from across the ages, ressurected with a simple task; fix up the Dungeon and fill it with the most devious traps you can conjure, before the champions of the realm arrive to snuff out your second chance at life

Content Awareness: Descriptions of bodies, decay, fire; Guns and genre-typical violence.


Title: Star Trek Irregulars: The Quicksilver Lake

Author: Irene & Shane

System: Homebrew Larp

Age Rating: T: for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


With undeniable evidence of something rotten at the heart of Starfleet, the misfit crew of the USS Saint Jude must venture into darkness and danger to uncover the conspiracy and save the Federation. But will they fall to their darker selves along the way?

Content Awareness: Moderate Threat

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