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The Book of Blurbs: Page 1

Welcome to the first part of our list of RPG and LARP Blurbs, descriptors of original scenarios created specifically for Gaelcon by wonderful writers!

These scenarios are designed to fit within a three hour play session, some are suited for beginners and some are not so we’ve marked them. We also have age ratings so con goers can decide if they want a game that deals with adult issues or something a little more PG.

Age Ratings are:

A: All Ages

T: Teens and Older

M: Mature: Adults Only

A “Suitable for Beginners” tag does not mean all ages can play, please pay attention to the age ratings too.

We also have a Content Awareness to highlight if there is anything involved in the scenario some players may find problematic.

These games will be run only once in a time slot (which is yet to be determined) but multiple tables may be on offer.



Title: A Monster in the Mines

Author: Siege

System: D&D 5E

Age Rating: T for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


A monster in the mines is a classic Dungeons & Dragons 5e one-shot, set in a homebrew setting. This one-shot will include roleplay, combat and mystery.
This is a beginner friendly one-shot, open to experienced players as well.

Your character works with a guild and has been recruited to investigate an attack at a rural mine. A creature is attacking miners and hiring security is becoming too costly. They need to nip the problem in the bud for good.

Find out what is happening in the mines, what is this monster and why is it attacking the miners?

Content Awareness: Mentioning of Alcholism & Drugs


Title: The Winterfest Club

Author: Propagandor

System: FATE Accelerated

Age Rating: A for All

Suitable for Beginners: Yes


A FATE Accelerated Adventure for 5 magical schoolkids
As we come to the end of another eventful term at Azure school for magic we remember our mission has always been to provide only the best magical education. Our graduates are among the worlds top scholars, sages, adventurers, officers and explorers. As you go home to celebrate the holidays with your families always look to the bright future ahead.

A handful of our students and faculty will be remaining on campus over the holidays. To those students staying please be respectful of the staff, take the time to bond with your fellow students, stay out of the restricted sections of the campus and take care of the winter mana storms. Staff may not be able to help you if something were to happen.

Enough doom and gloom! I’m sure everything will be fine!

Make the most of your holiday break!

Content Awareness: No flags raised.


Title: Fey Earth – The Collector of Asiago

Author: Neil Byrne

System: Fey Earth. A unique d20 system.

(If you have played 5e or any other d20 system you can pick up the rules in five minutes)

Age Rating: A for All

Suitable for Beginners: No


Fey Earth is an indie ttrpg set in an alternate 19th century Earth where all the creatures from folklore and fairytale are real and live openly alongside humanity. This game is set in northern Italy. You are a group of adventurers who have been tracking a stolen artefact and have found its location. You must steal it back from a local who is very wealthy, with great influence and who is feared and respected by many.

Content Awareness: Insects


Title: The Soul Is A Bell

Author: Seán Leaney

System: Mage: The Awakening (Second Edition)

Age Rating: M: Mature Adults Only

Suitable for Beginners: No


Somewhere in the southwest US, sometime in the late 1960s. The hippie movement is in full swing, and in a commune out in the desert, they’re saying they’ve uncovered the secrets of the human soul.

You are Tremere. Only you may have secret knowledge of souls. And then you eat them because you have a gaping maw of the nothing-dragon where you own soul used to be.

No House has ever initated you into its secrets, but these mystical desert weirdoes might just have the knowledge a “young” lich needs to found their own secret tradition of soul-eaters. And hey, even if it’s a dead end, no-one will miss these dropouts, and you’re getting hungry.

Content Awareness: Coercive cults, body horror, gore


Title: Decepticon

Author: Dave M Hayes

System: Cyberpunk 2020

Age Rating: T for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: No


Night City, City of dreams, if those dreams are Nightmares!

Your gang was never big, or important, just mostly a group of friends that hung around and looked out for each other. Just Kids on Kabooki messing around. When Jimtoe joined Militech you thought he had made it, thought he was going to be rich and live the life of a Corpo. You knew that would be the last you saw of him. He was off to much better things than you.

That was why it was so weird when Billbob got the message from him. He seemed scared, alone, but that’s the thing about the Mudchute Choom. They always look after their own.

And once a Mudchute Boy, always a Mudchute Choom.

Content Awareness: Drugs, poverty, body modification and Horor, distopia


Title: The Articles of Colonisation – A Battlestar Galactica Larp

Author: Xander Cosgrave

Age Rating: T for Teens and Older

Suitable for Beginners: Yes.


The Cylon Rebellion began on Caprica, it began with technologists and ambition, but it spread throughout the colonies like a wildfire. Everyone had them. Everyone was using them. But their initial attack was uncoordinated and messy, it caused chaos, but there was nothing decisive, and the Cylons with the ships they built when they had control over Scorpia Yards fled.

But they are returning and now Caprica has brought a proposal to all the other colonies, to unify in the face of this new external threat, to build a fleet that can protect the colonies and stop the war that is seeping in from the edges of the system. It is a time of great opportunity, and it is a time for action.

So Say We All

Content Awareness: Terrorism

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