RPG Submissions open for Gaelcon 

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Gaelcon 36’s RPGs and LARPs submissions are OPEN!

Want to bring your awesome game scenario to the Irish gaming scene? Want some guinea-pigs for your next, most devious dungeon-crawl? Want to run a new system, or play that madcap session you’ve always dreamed about? Now’s your chance! 

Gaelcon will be delivering a full program of RPGs and LARPs over the con weekend, and we need amazing writers and GMs like YOU to be part of it.

Never submitted a RPG or LARP for a convention before? No problem! the Gaelcon RPG & LARP team are committed to giving you an awesome first experience. If you have any questions at all about the process and what to expect, please reach out to them at rpgs@gaelcon.com! They’re happy to help!