The Merchants Cup

Gaelcon Saturday 28th

Every friendly local game store with the space runs store championships in one guise or another but those competitions stop there for most games.

The Merchants Cup aims to make it a stepping stone to further glory!

We want to take your store champion and pit them against the winners of store championships from around the Island.

After all, what’s the point of having a Champion if they’re not going to get a chance to do battle on your behalf?

Not only will they get to do battle against the other store champions in the Merchants Cup on Saturday 28th of October, they will also automatically qualify for the All Island Championships, for the same game, the following day!

What are the prizes?

A nice trophy and certificate for both the store and player. The intention is that the prize pool will be added to as we get closer to the date and secure some more sponsors.

What games are included?

While we want to get as many games as we can in, we need at least four different stores to have hosted competitions for it by the end of September 2023.
MTG and GW games are obvious contenders but we’ll be looking at other games like pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh etc.

What if I have multiple store champions?

We will only accept one champion for each game, per store.

If there are multiple champions the store owner/manager can decide how their champion is chosen, we obviously suggest a final contest to decide that.

What if I’m a champion for multiple games or stores?

Champions may only serve one store for one competition.

So if you won both an MTG and Kill team competition in say Broadsword Gaming you’ll have to pick which one to compete in.

The store will have to decide how to replace you in the one you don’t choose.

If, for example, you won Battletech in Serious Business and MTG in Dungeons and Donuts, you’d have to choose which store to represent.

What does it cost?

Your Champion will need to have a weekend pass to Gaelcon, that’s it.

While we will of course be in touch with stores about advertising and sponsorship closer to the event but the two aren’t connected, there’s no obligation on the stores to do anything except tell us who their store champions are.

Though if you want to tell us when you’re running a store championship so we can put it on our social media platforms, that would be good too.

The aim here is to make coming out and competing in local stores and connecting with other fans of their game even more attractive to people.

How do stores get in contact?

Stores should email us at to get involved. We can provide some supplementary information, tips and tricks.