Scintillan Concorde

There is no place for the weakwilled or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith will mankind survive. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small.

Liber Doctrina Ordo Hereticus, Chapter XXVIII “Exterminatus”

In the grim darkness of the future, mankind is beset on all sides by enemies. Xenos press the borders. Heretics in their lust for power weaken the Imperium from within. Witches, not blessed with the Emperors guidance, risk tearing a hole in fabric of reality itself unleashing all manner of foul Daemons.
The Scintillan Corcorde was an ongoing monthly LARP set in the Dark Heresy universe. Players took on the role of inquisitorial acolytes trying to protect the Imperium of Man in the bleak darkness of the 40k universe. Players were also able to take on more villainous roles with our Black Crusade tie-in.
Costuming is not essential but is encouraged.
Currently on hiatus but if you’re interested please contact our GM team: to be updated when we restart the game.