International Competition Fund

While gaming is a niche hobby at best, it has a strong community and a highly-competitive international community. Wargamers and CCGers from around the world regularly gather to play in huge tournaments for glory and fun. As a small country, Ireland rarely hosts such events – so in order to compete in these tournaments, our players often have to travel huge distances at great expense.
This is why, since 2011, the IGA has funded competitive gamers, who otherwise could not afford to travel, to go abroad and represent Ireland in international tournaments. These gamers are chosen by peers within their own community, and recommended to the IGA as the best or most deserving players who cannot compete without a little monetary help.
The IGA is proud to have sponsored these individuals over the years:

  • Brian Wakely, Dave Russell, Jack Murray, Ronan Smyth
  • L5R World Championship
  • Barcelona, 2012
  • Irish 40k ETC team
  • Warhammer 40k ETC
  • Warsaw, 2011