Gaming Groups

Ireland has a vibrant and diverse gaming community. There are clubs which are very formally based with committees and others which are more casual meet-ups in pubs/cafes.
If you would like your group added please email us:
(disclaimer – The IGA does not claim any credit for the great work these groups are doing in the community)

Group Activities Locations
 Irish Guild of Live Role Rlayers Regular LRP event Dublin
Galway Gaming Tribes Boardgames, CCGS, RPGs Galway City
Wargaming Ireland Wargames National
Pathfinder Society Ireland RPG (Pathfinder Organised Play) National
Shadowplay LARP (World of Darkness) National
Geeks Go Gaming Boardgames (casual) Dublin (The Black Sheep)
SkibbWargamers Wargames Skibbereen
WAC Wargames Cork
Boardgames Ireland Boardgames National
Board Games Club Galway Boardgames Galway
Irish Go Association Go National
North Ireland Gamer’s Hub Wargames National (N.I.)
LARP Limerick LARP Limerick/Midwest
South Dublin Boardgamers Boardgames South Dublin
Siege Bunker Gaming Club Wargames Derry / L’Derry
Letterkenny Gamers Guild Roleplaying/Wargaming Letterkenny
St Annes Park LRP LRP Dublin (St Annes Park)