How to donate?

So how does one go about donating to the IGA charity fund, or help fundraise for it? Is there certain criteria, or certain type of charity that the IGA donates to? In years, past the IGA has always tried to donate games to needy Irish Children’s Charities, however due to the generosity of the punters of Gaelcon throughout the years, we’ve been able to make more substantial donations, such as weekends away and camps for sick children and for very important equipment for others. But we still like to give games were possible like to DEBRA Ireland. If you know of any Irish Children’s Charity, please get in contact with us,

How do we raise so much? Primarily at the IGA’s Charity Auction at Gaelcon. We can only host the charity auction by the generosity of those who donate lots. We’ll accept everything, but we can’t always guarantee that it’ll feature in the auction, and we will always try to return a lot that wasn’t in the auction.

We have also raised money by helping organize other events outside of the IGA Charity Auction, such as raffles and special 80’s Nights. If you have an idea, or suggestion for a charity event, please contact us at

Paying the IGA for donations, please contact us at for our bank details. And also with any standing order/bank draft, please include your name, so we know who is paying us.

We’d love to hear any and all questions and suggestions!

Many thanks to all of you who have supported the auction over the years, and we hope to see you again in October.