Gaelcon Charity Auction

What started as a drunken “no, I want it more” between two slightly intoxicated gamers in a pub many (many) moons ago has become, for me at least, one of the highlights of the gaming year. The IGA Charity Auction at Gaelcon has grown and grown since that first fateful argument over a shiny object, and has become something that has a real impact on the lives of many people.


Each year, we wait with bated breath to see what amazing and rare objects that our incredible donors will arrive with. We spend hours deliberating over how to show each item to it’s best potential, and then cross our fingers that those wonderful gamers who come with open minds (and wallets!) to the auction will be as generous and receptive as they always are.

Why do we do it?
The simplest answers are quite often the best.

We do it “for the kids”.
Sure, we use it as a witty catchphrase to encourage large numbers of gamers to part with large amounts of cash, but that doesn’t make it any less true. The money that is raised through the IGA Charity Auction has a very real impact on the lives of kids all over Ireland.