Charity Events

A huge amount of the IGA’s efforts go into fundraising events for charities. Thanks to the generosity of Irish gamers, we’ve been able to donate thousands of euro every year to deserving causes. The charitable spirit of Irish gamers is internationally renowned – the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming was awarded to Irish Game Convention Charity Auctions in 2006joining such luminaries as Dominion and Ticket To Ride as examples of the best gaming can be. We are incredibly proud of the willingness of our community to reach into their pockets in support of those who need it, and we do our best to provide them with ample opportunities to do so!

  • The IGAs flagship charity event of the year is Gaelcon’s Charity Auction, but it’s by no means our only charitable fundraising event.
  • We run regular Pub Quizzes, both in Dublin City venues and at gaming conventions around the country, from which our raffle proceeds go to the charity fund.
  • We are have also run a series of one-off charity events, including a pub quiz for Haiti, the Max Rickard Memorial LRP (which lead directly to the creation of the Academy of Eblana) and Heckcon.