Who Are We?

Welcome to the website of the Irish Games Association. For our latest news/events visit our Latest News page.

Who are we?

The Irish Games Association is a body which is dedicated to promoting gaming in Ireland, by running, supporting and publicising gaming events, while seeking to communicate and co-operate with others that do likewise.

The IGA engages in a number of activities designed to further it’s stated aim of promoting gaming in Ireland, and has evolved substantially over its lifespan. Originally, the IGA was a group composed of different gaming interests from around the country who came together to organise an event known as Convention: Gaelcon. Since that time, a number of changes have taken place, the IGA have expanded into other fields.

The goal of the IGA is to help the gaming community in whatever way possible, be it by organising events, providing information, or offering what assistance it can to others who are working on behalf of the gaming community in Ireland. If you are running an event and need some assistance or some friendly advice please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For more information on our members and individual Bios check out our Members Section. If you have any enquires or would like further details and please contact us.

The IGA is a Company Limited by Guarantee. It’s Certification of Incorporation and it’s Constitution as filed with the Companies Office are online here for members to view : these linked copes will download to your downloads folder.

Certificate of Incorporation

Constitution signed

E-mail: iga@gaelcon.com

Who we are not:

The IGA are not a representative body for the casino/slot machine gaming industry. For information on this please visit the Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland website.

The IGA are not a representative body for the video games industry. For information on this please visit Imirt the Irish Game Makers Association website.