Academy of Eblana Event 13: The Price of Honour


Player Ticket for Academy of Eblana Event 13

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Join us back at Rathbeggan Lakes for Event 13 in the ongoing Academy of Eblana LRP.

Our Salutations to the Academy of Eblana,

This humble missive comes from the Court of Five Bells, the Governing Council of Karashima. It is sent to the renowned Graduates of the Academy as an invitation to visit our august city in the great planes of Tarnith. Your reputation precedes you, and we have lately heard much about the singular deeds of the Academy. Regardless, we have chosen to issue this invitation to you to come and speak with us. The Sidhe have caused much disharmony in the world, and it is our belief that this cannot be allowed to continue. However, there is the formality of your presenting yourselves with Honour and Integrity, before an official alliance between your Academy and our Houses can be enshrined. When our Council meets in the ninth month, we shall convene the Clans to discuss the alliance. You would do us Honour if you would join us at that meeting.

May your Ancestors be Proud,
Fei-Lai the Scribe of the Council
On Behalf of the Court of Five Bells

A High-threat event in the Academy of Eblana system.  More IC information will be made available as it is ready.

All players will be required to monster for two, 2-3 hour monster slots or to provide other appropriate assistance with the running of the event as requested over the weekend.  IC reasons will be provided for players to leave the main camp and go to their monster slot

Catering for this event is not yet confirmed, check this space for more info.

Event Date: 29th September-1st October 2017

Location: Rathbeggan Lakes Directions available here