Member Bio – Hudson

Name: Hudson


Where I’m from: Tallaght, Dublin.(No really)


Current Position held in IGA: Ordinary Member
Previous Positions held in IGA: Charity Officer


Gaming interests: The standard stuff, RPGs, LARPs, Boardgames, Cardgames (some CCGs) even the occasional Wargames.


Things I’ve done: Stafffed multiple Cons for a couple of years, was Staff Manager for Gaelcon 2009, Took over the Dark Heresy LARP after Andrew’s run and expanded it, Been interrogated on an Air Force Base, Ran tables at non gaming specific Cons to introduce and promote gaming.


Things I can help with: If my calendar allows it I’m very obliging about helping with events or sound-boarding things. (book early to avoid disappointment) Heavy lifting and smart working a specialty.