Secretary – Fergal

(Though I tend to go by Fergal Monster due to accepting that people often mangle my surname)

Where I’m from: Cork, though I lived in Galway for 3 years


Current Position held in IGA: Secretary
Previous Positions held in IGA: PRO, Ordinary Member


Gaming interests: RPGs and Boardgaming, but I still flirt with CCGs (Magic the Crackening)


Things I’ve done:  Eoin Murphy and I run a board gaming night in Cork called Cork Action League. I ran Itzacon Eight, and have been an RPG coordinator for Gaelcon for 2 years.


Things I can help with: Teaching boardgames, running rpgs, writing rpgs, getting in touch with people in Galway or Cork.


Things I need help with: I volunteered to help get people to write for the Gazebo, so if anyone knows anyone who is interested let meknow.