Chair – Eoin


Where I’m from: Bandon in West Cork


Current Position held in IGA: Chair
Previous Positions held in IGA: Treasurer, Gaelcon Chair, Ordinary member


Gaming interests: I play most things except for LARPS (not out of lack of interest but due to there not really being a LARP community in Cork). I really enjoy boardgames and computer games. I’ve GMed more RPGs than I have played and would like to fix that. I used to play a great deal of Magic and the WoW TCG. I’m also currently very interested in Warmachine at the moment. Cyriss!


Things I’ve done: I was Auditor (head) of WARPS in UCC on multiple occasions. I was the director of Warpcon XX. In previously years I was assistant MC at the Warpcon Charity Auction and will be the MC from now on. I co-founded the  Cork Action League with Fergal Monster. I was also the CCG/Boardgame Coordinator for Gaelcon 2010 (I think).


Things I can help with: I’m good at pointing out potential issues with new ideas. If you have a new idea feel free to ask me about it and I’ll crush your dreams. I also make a mean cup of (Barry’s) Tea and can do Physics Problem Sets.