PRO – Aidan

Where I’m From: Dublin

Position Held On the IGA: PRO

Gaming Interests: An all-round gamer, I’ve an interest in LARPs, LRPs, RPGs, CCGs and Boardgames. I’ve yet to find a wargame that’s been able to hold my interest but I’m always on the lookout.

Things I’ve done:  I’ve been on the committee for Trinity Gamers multiple times and have held positions on the committees of both Q-Con and Leprecon in Events and Logistics. I’ve written over 30 RPGs and LARPs for conventions around Ireland and co-ran a successful independent Dresden Lives LARP campaign.


Things I can help with: I’ve assisted in a large amount of events organisation over the past 10 years, but where I’m best is running RPGs and LARPs, helping run RPGs and LARPs, giving advice on running and writing LARPs and RPGs.