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    Greetings All,

    This One wishes to express His heartfelt gratitude at all who assisted Him in His studies and ritualist pursuits in these recent months.

    However, speaking plainly, I was not present at the defense of Wavemouth Proper, and I wish to become better informed. If a record of the Academy’s deeds could be relayed to me, This One would be very appreciative.

    Yours in Honour,



    This one is Hunting Dog of House Shackled Soul, assigned to Motsu, and will attempt to set out the main events of our recent campaign to Wavemouth.

    On our arrival we were informed that there was a forward camp, which was to be secured and to be used as a decoy to shield the rear camp. Scouts and skirmishers from the Sidhe were fought, defeated, and – for the most part at least – hunted down to prevent information being returned to the main forces of the Warlord and the Heretic.

    Some of the scouts used against us were said to be Gnolls pressed into service by the Sidhe. The Hound is said to believe that the Gnolls as a species were meant to have developed to become a wise and speaking people.

    A ritual was conducted by the Academy to bring unity between the religions of Celestia and Ti’va’ka. (This one apologises for any misspelling of those names.) This one understands that two followers of the Heretic repented and provided assistance against their comrades to support the ritual.

    During our time at Wavemouth, the Warmaster of Karashima – the bearer of final justice – and the Lady Muur visited us. The latter provided us with intelligence about the Sidhe: to weaken them we should defeat their key “Lieutenants”, those senior minions in whom the power of the Sidhe is invested. For the Warlord, these two are her General and her Spymaster.

    This one drank too much port.

    On our final day, Karashima and Wavemouth fought to defend the city, and the Academy marched against the General of the Warlord. We suffered no fatalities, and the General was taken alive. The honour of command on the day belonged to Zheeta.

    This one also notes that the Academy obtained a necklace which is said to be the key to the Gate which might allow travel to the Crown of the World. This one understands that the Academy is considering taking the fight to the Sidhe but that there are concerns that the Sidhe in fact wish us to open the Gate.

    This one has heard that an ambassador of Dol Morgan visited under a flag of truce, was received, and left without harm. This one did not meet the visitor and is unaware of the details of such discussions. This one observed that the visitor was elegantly dressed and was not a dwarf.

    Finally, this one has heard that Karashima is now allied to Wavemouth, but he does not know the details.

    If there is further information that would be of help to you, this one would be honoured to assist.

    Hunting Dog

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