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    [The following letter is brought to Camp Steadfast Snow and Camp Just Fire before the Academy begins the long journey home]

    Honoured graduates,

    You have my deepest gratitude for your conduct over the past few days. The Academy has earned a powerful ally, and it is down to you. Moreover, my city has been saved from a terrible fate.

    Our next mission brings us to the depths of Etris, and it is likely that there are none of the comforts of Karashima in such a place. To that end, I invite any of you that are willing to stay the winter here in Karashima, as a guest of the House of Ten Thousand Smiles.

    I understand that everyone’s quest for knowledge takes them on a different route, and for many the answers will not be here. For those of you whose work can be explored at any location, I can offer introductions to clever smiths and magical artisans of most kinds.

    The world is still a dangerous place, I say let us enjoy this victory while we can, and spend a little time together with our new allies to further strengthen the alliance.

    If you accept my offer of hospitality, send word to the House of Ten Thousand Smiles .

    Joy and Honour in all things,
    House of Ten Thousand Smiles, Clan Hospitalty
    Proud Graduate of the Academy



    Hi Motsu.

    I don’t believe that we’ve met, but I would be delighted to enjoy the hospitality of your House.

    It is very kind of you to offer to care for poor idiots like us, who are far from home and tired of travelling.

    I look forward to learning more about your culture and interacting (safely and monitoredly) with Karashimans who haven’t met Contessas before.

    Yours in bravery,

    Lady Contessa Sterling

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