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    Maybe he fears you.



    the threats were based on me ignoring what I found. maybe another would simply not have found it, if I told no one and walked away it would remain hidden. I dont think i’m special in this case. just the mook who found it.



    What is this about a Dire Legion?



    The dire legion are troops loyal to the shadow. It appears the shadow is either the warlock or a servant of it.

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    Oisin Creaner

    I recently set out to investigate the stories that were being told about the academy, the propaganda that was being spread against us, and found that they were being attributed to “terribly mysterious” individuals whose features were “shrouded in shadows.” As I worked to undermine and correct these stories, it became apparent that I was attracting some untoward attention.

    Eventually, I was presented with a letter that read “Your Lying Words, Shall Come to Pass, But My Harshest Decree Be Like Broken Glass. My Regards To Your Masters. I Hope They Remember Me From DolMorgan.” This letter then dissipated and the words seemed to leap off the paper, and Rent through my body, leaving great bleeding wounds which would not close. I managed to stagger to an itinerant preacher who saved me from death, but since then my glamour has been… depressing at best. I can’t defend against someone who can rend me by post…

    I’d initially thought this was the work of the Storyteller, but on reflection it seems more likely to be the work of the Shadow/Warlock/Dragon: Whatever they are, they terrify me.



    It strikes me that they recognize you as a threat, Ray. You are one of our most accomplished graduates and it is clear you disrupted their plans by meddling in their efforts to undermine your stories. We cannot diverge off that path, to keep the truth out there for better or worse.

    If you are, however, to continue breaking their propoganda press we need to ensure you are given back up.

    As the Gatekeeper indicated this all comes back to stories maling the world …go round? The Shadow may wish to topple that or seize control of it?




    What if the Warlock is not a Sidhe?



    My fellow graduates,

    New information has come to light regarding the Warlock that merits discussion.

    First of all, as some of you may already know, in Karashima my wife Sakura was attacked on the road by a bandit, left for dead, and was saved by a Captain of the Dire Legion named Valerian. Both of them had goods stolen by this bandit, and a group from the Academy including me helped to recover them. I owe the Captain a personal obligation, though we both knew we would likely meet again as enemies.

    I wrote to the Captain over the winter, and in my letter I asked him to consider whether the Dire Legion needed to be enemies with the Academy, to ask their Leader (as they refer to the Warlock) why they must fight us, bearing in mind that in our first interaction with them they tried to kill two of our leaders. I hoped by this to encourage division between the Dire Legion and the Sidhe who leads them, or at least to plant the seeds of doubt.

    It seems that my overtures have borne fruit in an unexpected direction. A letter came to the Academy from the Warlock, and the Dire Legionnaire carrying it refused at first to give it to any expect me, as the only Academy member to be commended by a Dire Legionnaire (a questionable honour some might say). He finally relented and gave it to Kiato, my cousin in Clan Hospitality. I wish to assure you all that I have not been involved in anything
    clandestine or untoward, that my commitment to our war with the Sidhe is firm, but I think we would profit by cultivating contact with their underlings to drive a wedge between them and the Sidhe. If my word on this is not enough I can produce the letter which I sent to Captain Valerian.

    In the letter, which I reproduce below, the Warlock gave us valuable information which resulted in the resurrection of the Hound, which I gather the Warlock themselves destroyed in ages past. It also saved the settlement of Farhold from the same awful fate as the creatures that attacked us that night. What does this mean? More informed minds than mine might wish to comment:

    Dear Academy,
    You recall the sombre shrine you found, yes?
    The one on the top of the hill.

    Go there when the Savage Moon is approaching apex, the howls should guide the way, as
    should the other strange sights. Bring with you a sizeable collection of crystals of the earth variety for you will need their energies if you are to succeed.

    More than seven and at most a dozen.

    Place these at the centre of the shrine and call to the earth itself and the primal forces that once ignited the place of power. The wild primal forces must be rebalanced or the horrible twisting will continue, thankfully this should threaten your campsite before the people of Farhold so you should be willing to do this for yourselves.

    You will need three spell casters with spells to strike down or slow or toughen, repair or strengthen and over the course of five to ten minutes sink mana through those spells into the crystals. If you have three casters you will need only five minutes. With only one you will need the full ten and concentration must be maintained.

    Then, finally, you will need Dev Nol and that amulet he wears. He will need to be beaten unconscious, sent towards death, as he bleeds then you will need to complete the final thirty seconds of the ritual. I would advise a fourth party beat Dev Nol.

    Or you can form a queue, I doubt finding people eager to beat him will be hard.

    Once it is completed, seal the ritual with a restorative spell of any kind, Global Stop Bleed should suffice.

    Do this and you will prevent Farhold being reduced to Chimera of fused man and beast
    before dawn.

    Or perhaps I am lying but deviate from my instructions and see what happens.

    Until next we correspond.
    The Warlock
    Shadow of the Sidhe

    Of course there must be some ulterior motive for the Warlock doing this, they are a master manipulator and have done what they can to damage us and our reputation in other areas. But the Dire Legion withdrew from the field of battle in Etris once they realised the Academy was there. Is there more we can do to ensure that they do not act against us in the future? Or am I naïve in this, and is the Warlock withholding their troops simply because we are fulfilling their agenda?


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    This one is curious why would one of the Sidhe particularly one as enigmatic as the Warlock lead the academy to the ritual resting place of the being known as the Hound? also does this Warlock have some connection to the one known as the hound ?
    House Falling Star
    Clan Compassion



    From what I know (but cant confirm) the warlock destroyed the shadow originally. Why I dont know.
    add to this the warlock was one of the sidhe that assailed Emroth. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but that was where my parents were and where I became what I am. I’m wondering if it’s following through on it’s threats.



    I have heard that the Dire Legion regards itself as a liberating force, they have this in common with the followers of the Heretic and the Warlord, though their definition of liberty is suspect at best.

    Emroth and Homestead were targeted because of the tyranny on show there. So they claim.

    They also claim not to kill innocents and children. How this policy will not result in a generation that swears vengeance against them I am unsure.



    The shadow spoke to us at Etris, though. It must be how the warlock communicates over distance.

    Did it say the it would meet us in person? I don’t remember exactly.



    Did it? When did it speak to us, I thought it only sent its Dire Legionnaire with a message.



    After the hound was resurrected. We approached the ritual circle, as we heard voices and a shadow on the ground was talking to the people there.



    Huh, good to see there’s discussion on the Shadow going on. I’m spending the next few months doing some work on finding out about the Dire Legion. I’ve got the skillset to try and infiltrate them, or at the very least, find them and stalk them for info. If I’m right in my theories, I think the Shadow is empowering the remnants of the Dinrova. It’s a bit of a theory but judging by what I’ve heard is going on with them, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true.

    Olin, what was it you were looking into before the Shadow told you to fuck off?

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