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    To any noble reader,

    This one is loath to intrude upon this discussion, but if he could be permitted to raise a point concerning the original letters he would be most grateful. This one imagines it would be wise to investigate the key and wonders if we perhaps know anything of this Adrienul who hid it, beyond what is in the letters?

    With deference,
    Kiato, of House Hearth-Home, Clan Hospitality

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    Oisin Creaner

    Might be a good idea for someone back at home to take a look into those letters and their origins from perhaps a historical perspective. If you’d like to take this on, Kaito, could be a good plan.

    Also, you don’t need to show deference to me or any of the others here, or apologise for intruding on this discussion: you’re one of us, your contribution is as important as anyone else’s.



    G’day folks,

    With all the clever clogs you’ve got on that list, reckon I’d just be getting in the way if I were to try and tag along. Best of luck with it!





    This one has no particular talent as a historian, but if he can locate sufficient sources he will attempt to research the letters further. He may focus on the key, as it seems like it may be relevant to the restoration, but will attempt to glean a holistic understanding of the historical context.

    This one apologises for showing excessive deference. He will address you more levelly in the future.

    With respect,



    If the sidhe don’t want it repaired, and the letters refer to them as “the sidhe”, perhaps The Enemy is some other entity.

    The followers of the sidhe cannot approach. So why did the empire destroy the Gate?


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    no the enemy referred is clearly the sidhe. The empire made use of the gates and, once the won the war they wanted the gates destroyed as they were original created by and for the use of the sidhe. The wards were placed after the gate was dismantled as an extra lair of protection. Since it was powered by a Sidhe I doubt that it could have been warded against them while in use.



    An item that appeared to be the Dial was obtained in Deep Etris
    The Key remains a mystery
    the power source, well we know what is needed to power it.



    For reasons of clarity and openness, the Dial is currently in my possession. The only reason I have it is ‘cos i retrieved it off the body of my old commander and nobody particularly asked me if they could have it. I will bring it on the next mission.

    Taliesin ap Gwion bin Sheyallia

    OC: I didn’t hand it in with my baggie ‘cos I was afraid it would get damaged. If you want to study it then you will need to talk to the Event Team and see if they will let you, but Taliesin will have no problems giving it to any Academy member for study IC.




    We’re pretty sure we know what it is for and are very happy for Talesian to hold it.

    We do apologise if we did not explain its significance to you.




    Lady Contessa,

    We are very aware of its significance 🙂

    Taliesin ap Gwion bin Sheyallia



    I did not get to discuss with others my impressions from our trip to the gate so I shall share my field notes in case another should find them useful:

    The room which houses the Gate is impressive; it is large and architecturally similar to some rooms in the libraries of Emroth. A symbol on the letters Olin shared with us translates as “Forbidden by the Empress”. I recognised it as one of such symbols to decorate the sealed tower of Emroth.

    The Gate itself has a Dais linked to it. The Gate is made of gold, silver and platinum, along with incredible amounts of all six kinds of gem. I believe Lady Contessa may have spent more time looking at the Gate itself so I will comment further on the Dais instead.

    The Dais seems to be the primary focus of balance crystal fragments. We have already ascertained that we will need to repair the disk that is missing from the core of the Dais. It appears to depict symbols often attributed to constellations and celestial or geomantic principals. It seems like some sort of control element – a focus to focus the focuses, if you will. — I note that this dial has now been recovered and is in Taliesin’s care.

    There is space on the frame that implies an orb was inserted there and, judging by the contents of the letter, it was designed to hold an alternative, or substitute, power source. Although the room basically pulses with power, it feels dampened. Something in the room is blocking the raw power in the place from touching the objects designed to control it.

    I couldn’t find anything of value in the ruins to bring back. We already know that the amulet or key mentioned by the letters seems to be a crucial part to the Gate. Without it the wards will surely remain up, and the Gates will never be able to replenish themselves – though even if they were able to do so, I believe we will require more metals and crystals than we might be able to carry.


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    *diversion* Forbidden by the empress was on the tower?

    So it’s because of her that the air gate was locked away?

    *on topic*

    Either the key or the disc will turn off the ward.

    We need vast amounts of metal to repair the gate, and a weaponsmith to handle the repair. We will either have to trade with Callon or otherwise “legally obtain” the needed materials from Dol Morgan.

    My Karashiman text advises hiring someone to steal it.

    There is also a great power underneath the gate. We think that we are not seeing the full extent of the creation. But we were unable to approach the gate.

    The gate itself is possibly the only magical creation that will never run out of power.

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    Fellow graduates,

    A member of this one’s house has been conducting research into the gates, and has at some point in the past studied the one under old Eblana. As this one understand, she was primarily looking at the materials and construction but she may also have gained insight into the magic behind it. If anyone wishes to read her notes, contact this one and he will see if he can arrange to make copies.

    With respect,
    Kiato, House Hearth-Home, Clan Hospitality



    The key was recovered at Wavemouth. Thanks to the Warlock, we discovered it’s significance.

    Now all that remains is repair, but I fear that in doing so, we will be fulfilling the Warlock’s plan.

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    Thanks to to the Warlock?

    Please, illuminate me on this particular relationship.

    Fionn Magiceyes

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