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    your skills in Geography could be useful to locate the likely resting place of the dial in etris or the amulet.

    I would be curious to talk to Arcenic and Antimony about this, I’m sure they are the masked pair mentioned in one of the letters. Ordinarily I’d be wary of tipping our hand but in this case I’m sure our actions are known already.



    Olin, Chosen of Vaul

    This one thanks you for transcribing the letters in their entirety. This one must also seek forgiveness, for if he had read these earlier he would have been much more forthcoming when we spoke on the second night in Karashima. If you still have questions for this one, he would be honoured if you would contact him directly.

    This one understands that an ally of the Academy is already in Etris, searching for the remnants of the 33rd Legion and the studies of the astrography dial the letter claimed went with them. Unfortunately, this one cannot speak as to the location of this person in any greater detail. He will endeavour to seek more precise information but regrets that he is not likely to uncover anything for some time. If anyone intends to journey into Etris, this one could provide a very small amount of further information on this person. This one may also request to accompany anyone on such a journey, as he believes he could be of some small use in treating with the ally in question.

    Should no such journey take place, it was suggested to this one that he may find answers about the dial and the the 33rd Legion in the Library of Artaka. He has requested a key and it is his intent to do this thing, unless anyone feels the key or this one could find better use elsewhere.

    On the matter of the gate in old Eblana itself, this one feels he can be of little help. He was raised among architects and as such has some idea of construction, but little practical experience, and knows no more of history or magic than might be expected of any graduate. This one offers his apologies in this matter.

    Walk with honour,
    Kiato of House Hearth-Home, Clan Hospitality

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    Thank you. There are those in the academy with information on the 33rd legion if my memory serves but it is for them to come forward if they wish in the same way I had not mentioned your connections Kaito. If they wish to keep their council when we next meet I’ll put you in contact.

    Also please, just call me Olin.




    Thank you for sharing these letters. Do you have any guess as to what lies on the other side of the Gate?

    And leaving aside the contents of the personal letter, how do you know the Sidhe want the gate not to be opened? It seems rather odd for them to give you this information which will assist in the very thing they wish to prevent – might they be playing us?




    We’ve suspected that there’s a gate network for some time. We’ve seen one of these before, an exit that the soulless used to travel from their manafactorum.

    If this is the hub, then it could go anywhere. I suspect that travelling through it may resemble rift travel, though I hope it is safer.

    It is odd that there are references to a sidhe realm, as well as travel though.

    I guess that the sidhe might be able to use this network instinctively, whereas humans need the gates to use it.




    The sidhe did not give me this information, to be completely honest I sumbled uppon this while looking for something else.it is warded against the Sidhe and anyone marked by them. the letters are what I managed to grab from the chamber before I had to retreat. You know my nature, I think most others marked by the sidhe would not have lasted anywhere near as long in there as I can and even with that I had to get out quickly. The letters do mention it being a gate to the Sidhe Realm though.

    As to how I know the Sidhe dont want this repaired. For clarity I will include the final letter below but please understand that while written on paper that seems the same age as the others its penmanship is very different. Also I hope that noone will doubt my position on the contents of the letter. My decision was made as soon as I told the first person of what I had found. While myself and Kerrigan did discuss it as is only right there was no choice to be made in our eyes.


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    Hello Olin

    The Gate is quite Interesting, is it not?

    We built them long ago so that we could move others as quickly as we moved ourselves. It was how people in stories used to miraculously be in so many places when so many fantastic beasts crossed the world.

    I shall write this was as I want to ensure I am easily deciphered and I will therefore use I a great deal and I think that should ensure you get this sooner.

    Leave this alone.

    Take your beloved Kerrigan and go far from the Academy. Lay down your weapons. Pick up something else. A Paintbrush. A Trowel. A Flute.

    You can have a long and happy life if you do not oppose me and the rest of the Sidhe. Leave this Gate. Realize I know you have found it and know who you are (regardless of who deciphers these papers). If you disturb this Gate you will regret it. You will Live long enough to do so.

    You have been given a chance to be with the one you love, you are not divided by the schism of your beliefs nor are you doomed to know the heart ache of someone who does not love you truly but only out of duty or design.

    I offer you this chance. You have seen what I can do to your masters.

    Turn Away here Olin Vanwa of the Lands now called Emroth. Take your wife and flee to a life heroes do not get to have.

    If you do not then you will face my ire for I must protect my fellow Sidhe from the Academy.

    Think on it.

    Warlock of the Sidhe
    The Caster of Shadow



    So there you have it and you see the danger in this enterprise. I will try to keep it’s Ire focused away form the rest of you but I can make no promises. At least while in close proximity to the gate the wards should offer some protection. I wouldn’t have a clue waht colors to paint a garden anyway.




    Depends on the Garden.
    Be careful all. I doubt I would be of much use here so will leave it to more capable hands.




    While I would urge caution in asking Arsenic and Antimony about this gate. I believe it may be a risk worth taking, at least in a round about method. Tipping our hand may become necessary if we are to learn more of this structure.
    If we had access to Dol Morgan’s historical records, I might suggest people try asking there, but I do not know how we will be received there, if someone could confirm our status there, that would be helpful.

    Larten Lathairen



    [OC: Scribbled in a rush…]

    As this is a public noticeboard, I suggest pausing discussions for a period of reflection. Larten, if you are returning to Eblana, perhaps over the winter we should meet in the Lion and discuss this. I am who I am, as they say.

    Callon Findarion, of Eblana, son of Finos and Marinta, grandson of Callon (2nd), unmarked by the Sidhe



    I take your point Callon I really do but Honestly Callon, at this point I felt it important enough to put this publicly, these notices are public to all in the academy and that has made me hesitent in the past but in all honestly its the only way I know of to get the information out to as many as possible.




    Olin, I am so sorry, that was not directed at you at all. I admire that you have shared information so openly, and I encourage others to do so also.

    I was referring to Dol Morgan. Larten, perhaps when we rest from our duties in the months ahead we will find time to talk. Compassion is a great virtue.




    Hrafnir should still have access to Dol Morgan. At least, the non Imperial bits.



    Oisin Creaner

    I’ll take a party in, but I fear my skills are unlikely to be enough to interpret the work – while I am a master of the bardic magic and of armoursmithing, both skills are more trial and error than deep theoretical understanding.

    While I would gleefully dance upon their ashes, this “Magus supreme feliandra selachielon” makes the point that only someone with the deep understanding of craft in general such as a dwarf master craftsman should be able to undo their stupidity. Are there any dwarves at the academy who have such an understanding of the craft and who aren’t marked by the Sidhe?

    I suppose we could ask Master Nakita, but in general, the Masters prefer that we not turn to them if we can solve things for ourselves.

    If we do take a team in, we will need to carefully apportion the tasks in our investigation. If we work together on the same aspect, we’ll only get in each others’ way. I would suggest working this out over beers some time…

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