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    I discussed this with some at Kerashima but the nature of the camps and the ammount of work we had meant many will not have heard. I have spent time time exploring old eblana, yes it is bloody dangerous.

    I uncovered something f significance there,I uncovered a room with a strange, vaulted ceiling that may possibly open out to the sky. inside there is a damaged metal archway. Located in this room I recovered a number of documents (I will transcribe these but it will take some time) that explained this was the gate used to travel across the world instantly, while the others were buried this one was damaged beyond function, it seems that this was the nexus of sorts, referred to as the gate to the sidhe realm.

    The symbols indicate that the room was used by the high elves but it is not Elf craftsmanship at all. I suspect it was created by another crafting race but it predates the empire. It is Incredibly olf and incredibly advanced.

    Now the fun parts. The Sidhe DO NOT WANT this gate repaired. they have made this VERY clear to me. It is also warded against them and “their servents”, the issue is the wards will lash out at anyone who is touched in any way by the sidhe (it barely got out with the papers I managed to grab).

    This will take time between now and when we next head out to repair (possibly longer, I was not able to fully examine the damage that was done) and people wise in the ways of histories and magics. Ray agreed to take the lead on this but I think he will need help. Are any others who are master crafters or have appropriate lores AND are untouched by any of the Sidhe willing to help? I will lead Ray and his team to the place and uncover the entrance again but I cannot risk entering so I personally cannot offer support.

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    Don’t know much about history or magic, and I’m an amateurish crafter at best, but apparently I’m one of the bloody few not marked by one of the sidhe, so I can stick my head in if someone tells me what to look for



    Depending on whether or not I am marked by the Sidhe after I resolve the issues in Emroth, I may become available to look into this. With the Storyteller gone, I could feel that the mark was in flux, but not entirely gone, it may take time.



    Additional, The letters i recovered referred to the 33rd legion, I believe that may be relevant to some ?



    I believe I may have appropriate lore knowledge to assist, and as a recent graduate have managed to remain unmarked by the Sidhe thus far.

    I plan to return to Emroth briefly, but am keen to avoid spending any length of time in the Academy following this, so if I can be of use I will endeavour to help.




    I volunteer. I may not have the skills you require, being only knowledgeable in Religion and Alchemy, however I remain unmarked and can support this endeavour with healing that may be required.




    If I am in a position to assist I will. I have long believed we must one day return to the heart of the story, Eblana.

    I am unmarked by the Sidhe (and intend to remain so), know History and Magic, and have undertaken considerable research on Imperial history. The vaulted room reminds me of something I have heard of, and I’m fairly sure I know where additional information would be available.

    I potentially have access to a resource most excellently suited for this task, but this is not the time and place to discuss that.

    Callon, of the House of Findar, of Eblana



    I am so glad to hear so many put there voices to this. I cant explain to most of you why just yet but this undertaking will I believe bring some rather unwanted attention my way. it is my hope that this will be directed at me and not those of you willing to work on it and in this sense it is good that I cannot assist you beyond showing you the location but understand that the Sidhe REALLY do not want this repaired.

    I will post each letter I recovered seperately for clarity below.



    By Order of the Empress

    Long may she reign with wisdom, beauty, grace and power
    This gate of the great enemy shall remain sealed for all eternity.
    In her wisdom she has warded it from any followers of the enemy who might disturb it.
    This gate shall be sealed and untouched on pain of punishment at the hands of The Order Of Sarduul.
    This final gate shall be broken while all others are buried.
    There shall be no way for the enemy and their disciples to use it.
    Let this mark signify the destruction of the gate of eblana which has stood since the dawn age falling before the might of our Empress in all Her glory.
    (here appears a symbol)



    Lord commander eledorienel

    The deconstruction of the gate continues in eblana. I ask you to communicate quickly should anything disturb the wards at the crown.

    This device –it is– as if it were alive. It almost seems to heal itself from minor damages and so we must do greater ones with our power. We have lost some humans to it but thankfully there are always more cattle to be set to the task.

    I will require a few more of your morrigan cannon fodder for this task.

    I believe I will need to drain the mana to a low point before I can cast enough force to damage it and remove the key components. Those are the sidhe power source and the astrography dial that directs it. When I am done only the master craftsmen of the grubby dwarves might stand
    A chance of repairing this. It has taken so long but finally all of the gates will be out of reach.

    I will have the dial broken and the notes and fragments sent away you mentioned the thirty-third might be dispatched to etris soon. Perhaps one of their number might cast something into the depths of the wood for me?

    The power source will be stripped away, without a sidhe to power it and the orb gone they will have no hope of opening a gate into the realm of the sidhe. A pity but necessary.

    I will also send one of my most adept to dispose of the amulet that is attuned to the gate. I will need to confirm troops with you to see to that but it will need to be far from here.

    I look forward to your reports as eblana is terribly dull, festering with those masses the empress reviles so. If they did not spare us work I am sure we would be rid of them.

    Magus supreme feliandra selachielon



    Unto the Magus Supreme Lady Feliandra,

    The Courts are full of those who disdain the lesser races, but they know their place and that without us they would fall apart.

    As the Empress endeavours to Complete the Great Work we must ensure there is no way for the Sidhe to Escape their bindings.

    I can confirm The Mount of Embers still stands even while the base orcs retreat into the woods like the vermin they are. Your mages confirm the power remains there to bind the elemental natures of the Fae in place and maintain the wards our forefathers constructed.

    My men encountered a masked duo leaving the mountains, the pair were cold and aloof and obliterated the weapons of my strongest soldiers with but a few words they did not do more but I suspect the Disciples of the Sidhe can come and go. As we all know, the Void Touched fled into the Mountains to elude the Hexxers.

    The fact I cannot march in after such scum sickens me and I know it has earned dismay from the Courts. Still the Wards hold strong and
    the chaff of the Sidhe’s forces cannot leave. Their operatives remain stymied and the Wards hold strong, I suspect they are unaware of your attacks on the Gate.

    I will send someone to you to collect the package and then we can do away with the Gate once and for all. As much as the ability to travel from one end of the continent to the other appeals to me the risk of the Sidhe cannot be given any space to grow and fester once more.

    All remains safe and our Empress will be most pleased that the last obstacle to the Great Work is gone. Might I suggest the Giantspine Mountains to the South to send the Key to? I would suggest the Planes but they may be too close and since we excised the Fel Fae for Sarduul to take precedence that land is risky to us. It is sad we cannot fathom their knowledge too of course.

    In the name of the Eternal Empire

    Lord Commander Eledorienel Everethier
    General of the Twentieth to Fortieth Imperial Unites of Her Eternal Army



    To All My Apprentices

    The Gates That Allowed the Sidhe To Venture Forth Shall Be No More
    The Gate And Its Pieces are Warded By The Mages Of The Empire So That None Marked By The Sidhe May Lay Hands Upon It. The Gate Of Eblana Cannot
    be Buried As The Others Were.
    Our Agent in the Thirty Third Shall Take The Studies of the Dial and the Fragments to Etris in Secret

    The Heart of Power shall be destroyed in the fires of the Mount of Embers And It’s Magic Dispersed So That No agent
    Adrienul Shall take the Key To Be Hidden So Even Were A Sidhe To Use It The Dial Could Never Find Another Gate.
    Without a Sidhe It Can Never Be Used and Any Who Attempt Its Repair Shall Be Hunted Like The Impure.

    Lady Feliandra
    Chief Sorceress Of The Imperial Court



    With the exception of the letter that did not fit (addressed to me personally) that is all the information I could recover before I had to retreat, you can see from this there are a number of pieces that will be needed. the gate must be repaired, the parts recovered from etris or possilby replaced, and an alternative power source found.




    Having read the letters, be assured this matter takes precedence over my dealings in Emroth. I will await your instruction.




    Be it divine intervention or dumb luck I have also managed to avoid being marked of needs be I can provide my services in terms of Magic, Trade and Geography. However I will need to be reminded about this if I am needed as I have other matters to Attend to .

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