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    Dear fellow graduates

    I want to inquire if there is anyone who knows what became of the Storyteller’s book following our confrontation with the Storyteller in Karashima.

    As many will confirm, it is an extremely powerful artefact and the Storyteller himself is now bound within it.

    I would like the opportunity to examine it, if possible to see what fate it is that we have condemned him to. I feel it may also be valuable in learning the pasts of all those who has been enthralled by it and assist us in returning them from whence they came.

    If it has not been located, I may spend what time I have before the next mission searching for it, for it may have been reclaimed by Aisling.

    May Sirona sing in your hearts

    Aberforth Marshall



    Its in the acedemy hands and secured, there was little time to discuss it after the defeat of the story teller. Its probably best to decide what to do with it once we can confirm that the mark of the protagonists is gone.

    you wont be able to find out what happened to anyone it was used to effect though. you write the events, the events occur and then the words that were written fade away.


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