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    Honoured Graduates,

    This one hopes all are resting well following events in Wavemouth. Some of you may know that Oda, Brother Nadeem, Brook, Yasha, Moriko, and this one conducted a ritual to help heal those suffering from the loss of Akash-Mortuum. Before we go our separate ways, this one would like to relate the details of this ritual.

    Let this one begin by thanking all involved. Carawald Brandt deserves particular recognition for his invaluable advice in designing rituals, Rakshasa for his unique discussions, and Brother Ahmed for his research efforts. But this was by no means the work of a select few. This one would like to thank all those who journeyed into Wavemouth to help Oda however they could, all those who offered guidance in ritual work, and all the clerics who offered to lend aid. It is through the work of many hands that great towers rise, and every brick makes up the greater whole. This has been the work of the entire Academy, and all should be justly proud.

    After the siege of Wavemouth was broken, the ritualists journeyed into the bay by boat. Brook called up the power of the Wellspring, and the clerics invoked Taiyo, Amutar and Temujin. Yasha kept we three clerics imbued, and Moriko kept the balance between us. The power of the Wellspring was spread through the world, guided by our ancestors and god. This one understands that all those affected by the loss of Akash-Mortuum were healed, wherever they were.

    Of course, those who were seriously afflicted face trials ahead, and will need help rebuilding their lives. Life is a cycle, and nothing truly ends. But this one believes a new chapter has begun.

    This one thanks all the Academy again. May understanding blossom at your hearth.

    House Hearth-Home, Clan Hospitality
    Proud Graduate of the Academy of Eblana



    That’s incredible. I know the honours should be shared, but you have done a great and wonderful thing here. Honour to you all, and Brook, and to your gods for their intercession.



    This One is diminished by the effort, but proud of our deeds. This One’s thanks lie with all those who dropped by his little shop and helped. We have truly done good.

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