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    This One has witnessed many great things this weekend, and intends to communicate with broad strokes the major events of our latest mission.

    -Eager von Doomsprechen has fallen this weekend. He will be remembered with Honour forever by the Academy. He helped us get this far.

    -A number of the Masters have been put out of the fight through insidious magics which have left the Academy functionally leaderless beyond us older graduates who must now take up the slack.

    -Old Eblana is still dangerous, though some of the wild magic within has been tamed.

    -The Gate to the Crown of the World is Primed, and can be opened with work, and time.

    -The Shadow shares a body with the Beloved- It is a split being, though we can consider the Shadow (The Warlock, Shadow of the Sidhe) to be the dominant personality. It is the truest of our enemies at this time, and stole the heart of the Sovereign’s manifestation in our camp. The heart has been returned.

    -The Sovereign, Rian, is on our side. He is a paragon of leadership and integrity, though he lies bound by chains of Aodh (The Artificer) in the Crown of the World. His representative on this world, Grayson, was freed by This One and a number of assisting Mages of the Academy from an ancient Museum in Old Eblana. Grayson gave his life to help us, not hours after he was freed from a 10,000 year binding. His commitment to duty is beyond any alive, and he will be remembered forever with honour.

    -Many memories of past events were stirred into being by the energies of Old Eblana’s wild magic. This included the Father’s Minions, the original Aspirant spirits, a number of strange creatures, such as a Basilisk, and odd elemental creatures.

    -We witnessed the Fall of the Eternal Empire. The Empress attempted to enact a ritual that would rend apart the stories of her subjects, such that the High Elves would rise as Gods over all. A group of individuals, the Fangs of War, attempted to stop this. They were successful… To a degree. The backlash of the ritual reached out to all High Elves, wiping them from existence, as well as poisoning the magic of Old Eblana and killing all within.

    -Liadan, the Heretic, has been bound in some form. Possibly as the Sage.

    -Myself and Lady Contessa Stirling have been married.

    The Gate to the Crown of the World lies waiting to be opened by the Academy. There is much to do, and so it can be considered that the great work ahead of us is only just beginning. Make no mistake, this is the end of a long path that Sir Marion started us on, and This One is proud to have served alongside each and every one of you. He would be proud to see us as we acted today. He would be proud to see what we have become.

    We have much to do- We are to venture into the Crown, through the Gate and beyond. We must marshal every force we have, muster every ally we have gained through our great works in this world, take every chance we can get, and bend every situation to our advantage. We must put aside pettiness. We must make allies of enemies, and friends of allies. We must be the best that we can be- Our most honourable, our most sincere, most hospitable, most dutiful, most courageous, and most compassionate.

    Should anyone else have pertinent information, or things which must be attended to, researched, or aided, please place them below this. We will need everyone.

    So it begins.

    -Oda, Midday Sun

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    Thanks Oda. To add to the above:

    On passing through the Gate to the Crown of the World, we’re likely to be met by armies controlled by the Beloved/Shadow.

    Our objectives must be:

    – Get from the Gate to the Throne of the Sovereign (perhaps several days’ travel)
    – Remove his chains (the Sovereign does not know how this may be done)
    – Return his heart to him

    If we can do all of the above, he should be able to fix the fallen Sidhe and bring this whole terrible ordeal to an end.

    Of course, the Beloved/Shadow and her allies will be doing everything they can to stop us.

    Between now and the expedition through the Gate, we will need:

    – People assisting the Academy undergraduates and the people of New Eblana (please don’t let the undergraduates mistake people for ‘the new Masters’ as they’re prone to do)
    – Logistical help (for example, I can see if Ma is able to arrange for food supplies for our allies to be sent from Keep Peace)
    – Weapons, armour and useful items crafted for ourselves, our allies, and the Academy stores
    – Allies to support us

    Like Oda said: this is it, people. It’s been an honour to be here from the very beginning. Let’s not fuck it up now.




    A few other things concerning gatherig allies:

    The Soulless (or some of them at least I’m not entirely sure) have been reactiveated and are under Olin’s control. However if they are used to help us, the Artificer will act, likely opposing us. His son made a counter offer of supplies and other things we could use in the upcoming fight. I do not know if a decision was made on that yet, but if wasn’t we will need to decide.

    The Academy has a new Demonic Patron in the form of Raziel. Thanks to actions of certain graduates, the other demons are not taking up arms against us as a result of this (though demons being demons let’s not let our guard down).

    The Gatekeep has promised aid once we cross into the Crown of the World. I don’t know what that means but at least we will have something close to more security on that front.



    I’m conflicted. we know the enemy have access to this but we need to discuss it.
    Do we talk here knowing the enemy will have knoledge of it or do we try ot move discussion elsewhere ?

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    This One has heard that such a threat has been eliminated. Regardless, coordination, even if it gives away some of our plans, is incredibly necessary in the coming months.

    Yours in Honour,



    If you think so, I trust your council with the plans at large

    in that case yes I have control of the soulless, all of them. I have seeded the informaiton on how to destroy them if necessary to several people I trust. the gate was powered and the wardings against the sidhe removed without the artifacers aid and a counter offer was made to it which we never heard back on. In all honestly I think without them we will have lost this fight before it starts.

    My plan is for them (all of them) to enter the gate first with orders to push back all those they encounter, informing them to leave the area and responding to oposition with eaqual force to that which they are assailed with (this will hopefully limit casualties but casualties WILL be necessary) they will spread out from the gate in a ring formation to establish a beachhead for us They will not be able to aid us directly but I think it best that they are used this way, they do not react to changing circumstances and orders quickly enough to be direct assets. This way they will limit the rank and file forces that will oppose us to a more managable level. It might be possoble for me to order small groups to specific tasks over the course of the action but I would not rely on that till we are there and I can see what losses they have suffered and how they are acting. Going in to limit casualties on the oposing side is likely to cause greater losses on the soulless side.

    The gatekeeper informed us that the aid it will provide is that once through the gate our weapons will be able to harm the Sidhe permenetly. The level of this aid honestly scares me as I cannot imagine what aid he has given the Sidhe that would be comparable to that.

    The beloved or the shadow has the ability to harm me with a simple hand gesture destroying my armor and making me bleed with a flick of its wrist. it thanked me for giving it the ability to do that so I would caution any who have been granted a wish on this (though in my case it did feel like my heart was on fire when it did it)



    The gatekeeper informed us that the aid it will provide is that once through the gate our weapons will be able to harm the Sidhe permenetly.

    A terrifying thought. We have to make sure the Beloved/Shadow doesn’t use us to destroy the Sovereign.



    In the absence of objection I’m still going by the above plan.




    Sounds good. It would be madness to pour through without having some ground to hold and push from, and your plan will ensure we have that.




    Well with no other voices this seems to be the closest thing to a plan we have.
    I imagine that I will not be able to stand with you for much of the fight. I will need take a more direct approach in managing these weapons when we need to redeploy them as we go.




    Needs to be talked about and definitely somewhere before we hit the ground running. Here seem like as good a place as any. Since I still can’t reliably tell it’s Aisling just gotta get on and hope for the best.

    Good plan so far Olin. My understanding is that much of the Sidhe’s armies can’t get back into the Crown because of the marching time. Me know me has seen the Legion near Eblana but not know about other armies of the Sidhe. What allies we have that can’t use gates to attack should probably head for the front of the Crown to slow the Sidhe escaping and to do what they can to contain the Sidhe armies right? Is there any force near to Old Eblana who can stop the Legion from following us through the gate and flanking us at our staging ground?

    Are we bringing the rest of the undergraduates with us?

    Me got some things me will need to get done in the fighting but if me can help let me know.





    Perhaps the Legion will attack us before we enter the Gate, or as the first of our troops cross through. If the Legion does attempt this, we might consider holding position to crush them at Old Eblana rather than advancing the Graduates in a rush.

    Do we know if the Legion can use the Gate now that it is no longer warded? Indeed, could other Sidhe forces attack us through the Gate as we marshal in Old Eblana?

    Hunting Dog

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    On board with Olin’s using the soulless but (and pardon my ignorance on this one) do we know exactly what’s on the other side of the gate? We’re not about to send an army of mindless killers into a large civilian populated city with orders to clear the way, are we?




    No, we do not know for sure what is on the other side is the gate hence the orders to try to limit casualties. There will be casualties though. We are past the point where inaction is an option.

    Hunting dog, the gate is primed but not open. One of ours knows how to open it when we make our move. My forces are marshalled and ready to move already.


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