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    Oisin Creaner

    Hi all,
    While we get this new forum setup, here’s just a quick reminder of a few points we want people to remember about posts to the forum.

    1: Keep it civil – this is a game, and we’re all here to have fun.
    2: Avoid sensitive topics which are liable to cause serious OOC upset.
    3: IC discussion is permitted, but is limited to “letters on a noticeboard.” This is to allow for a more measured cadence of replies to topics which everyone can read. All IC posts should be clearly marked with [IC] in the title, and will be assumed to be attributable to those characters in play.

    Many Thanks,
    on behalf of the Academy Team


    Oisin Creaner

    IC Discusions
    We’d like to request that players follow these guidelines for online discussions.
    1. Online discussions are by their nature non-interactive. Therefore they can only represent non-interactive forms of communication. These can be letters, notes on a notice board or something similar, but cannot represent a spirited argument in an inn or meeting room.
    2. The internet is a pretty open place. Any discussions posted on the internet are generally pretty public. Therefore any posts made on the internet should be regarded as public IC, too. You must be prepared to stand over any IC posts you make.
    3. Characters aren’t required to agree, and indeed may get upset at one another. Please do your best to keep these disagreements IC.
    4. There’s no reasonable way to have “semi-IC.” Either things are in character and attributable to your character or not.
    5. All public IC discussions must take place on the forum here at, and the topic title should be prefaced with [IC]. This is because this forum is openly accessible to all, and we have a number of players who do not make use of social media for personal reasons.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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