Things to bring

This is a brief walkthrough for the benefit of people who have not done LRP before. This game differs from many convention LARPs because it is outdoors and involves a physical element to much of the combat resolution as well as basic camping in addition to roleplay and costuming. The main goal of this walkthrough is to take much of the mystery out of what you will be doing and to give you a preparation checklist if you need it.

Costume and Weapons:

If you have done this before then you likely have some costume and prop weapons that you will be bringing with you. If you don’t, then not to worry. Many of the experienced players will be bringing spare stuff that you can borrow. That being the case you will want to bring:

  • T-shirts, jumpers and plenty of layers that you can wear under your kit if it is wet or cold (this can happen especially at night).
  • Dark or neutral old trousers that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Sturdy foot wear, preferably with ankle support. I recommend boots myself.
  • A clean set of clothes for the next day/to go home in.
  • Something you feel comfortable sleeping in and sandals (or similar “quick to put on” shoes) for when you have to make a dash for the loos in the middle of the night.
  • Spare socks


Assuming you aren’t going home after the game, you’ll be staying in a tent. Some people may have spares if you get really stuck. In addition to needing a tent you may want to consider:

  • A sleeping bag
  • A bedroll, inflatable mattress or camping bed (not essential, but even if it’s just a foam camping mat, something between your sleeping bag and the ground makes a massive difference in terms of warmth)
  • A pillow (camping inflatable or indeed one from home if you are driving). I use rolled up clothes for this function myself.
  • A duvet (again if you get cold at night and/or are feel decadent).
  • A torch/flashlight
  • Baby wipes, especially if you have make up as part of your costume, but also for generally feeling cleaner and fresher
  • Bin bags (tidying up after ourselves makes sure that things like this can happen again).
  • Sunscreen
  • Loo roll (you never know if the on-site facilities will have run out)
  • Plasters/Bandaids (just in case)


Some events are self-service/camping, while others are catered.  You should check the individual event pages to determine which is the case.  It is possible at catered events that you may choose not to avail of the catering.

If you are catering for yourself, you have 3 meals you will need to look after yourself for lunch, dinner and breakfast. If you are coming as part of a group or have other mates who are going along you may want to split up your meal plans eg. one person brings a camping stove, one person brings food, one person brings eating implements. The game is going to be a long one so make sure you’ve eaten and drunk enough. Below are some suggestions of things to bring:

  • If you don’t have a camping stove maybe buy a disposable BBQ.
  • You may want a cooler for food or drink
  • If you want something hot for dinner get potatoes, wrap them in tinfoil and chuck them in the camp fire for a bit.
  • Bring bottled water and avoid dehydration
  • Booze for after the game. (if you are bringing beer/wine don’t forget a bottle opener)
  • Snacks for during the day
  • Sandwiches or breakfast roll for lunch
  • Marshmallows
  • UHT milk, teabags/coffee, sugar, kettle, someone with a way of boiling water, cups
  • In-character looking cups, bowls, etc.

Thanks to Fergal O’Brien and Vanessa Phillips for these pointers.