Motto:                         “Anything, for a price.”
Coat of Arms:             A three masted ship, surrounded by seven crystal
Settlement Type:       Refurbished Imperial Ruins.
Nominal Rulers:         The Guild of Merchants (7 Barons of Wavemouth)
Population:                 20,000
Major Products:         Cartography, Coralwork, Foodstuffs

A city of some twenty thousand souls, and a handful of laws, the sprawling metropolis of Wavemouth straddles the banks of the River Free to the East of New Eblana. It is a lawless place of sprawling tenements and ramshackle dwellings, where the gangs are the whole of the law, crystal is king, and the only true faith is survival. The ancient villas of the High Elves overlook this den of inequity, now inhabited by the seven “Barons” that lay claim to Wavemouth, and its people.

Here, you can find anything. Here you can lose everything.

Once, a bustling Imperial port of rude dwellings overlooked by the villas of its High Elven elite, it is now the grandest, busiest, liveliest city the new world has yet to see. The Fall transformed Wavemouth into an eerie wasteland, a place of shadows and half remembered glory. As the years passed, it became a refuge for outcasts and vagabonds, pirates, smugglers and worse, and the grand Elven halls once again echoed with life. Its new inhabitants brought with them certain skills and specialist knowledge; how to survive and get what was needed. At any cost.

As the crime bosses and pirate lords claimed the ancient villas, their gangs and crews built dwellings of their own from the stones of ancient Wavemouth. Money breeds money, and power breeds followers, and people flocked from far and near to live in the buzzing town built on both sides of the great river Free. Houses flew up wherever there was space; atop another, or anywhere else they could find for that matter. The whole city is a grimy mess of overlapping shanties, lean-tos and cobbled together structures. Gangs fight each other for a piece of the City, and roaming packs of street children are a common sight.

Wavemouth comprises seven Wards, each ruled by a Baron, who commands the loyalty of one or more of Wavemouth’s many gangs. Some would describe them as crime lords, though none would do so to their faces. They bring a law, of sorts, to the city by the sea. The city is also home to the most famous of the Goblin markets. This large sprawling market never closes, and both the sight and smell are something truly unique.

Modern Wavemouth echoes its ancient counterpart as an active port city. It produces a prestigious amount of food, as well as having a reputation for excellent map-making, and a craft unique to the city – Coralwork, an art in which the practitioners produce delicate works of living Coral.

Though there is always some strife between the gangs, the Barons of Wavemouth have lived in relative peace for generations. In recent weeks, however, tales have come West of an end to this fragile accord. Blood has been spilled openly on the streets, Barons have set themselves against one another. Strife, and discord has come to Wavemouth.

In a time of Chaos, it falls to the Academy to bring Order.