Known Academy Members

Wait? What?


Callon is an Elven wizard, said to have been raised in Etris but claiming Eblana as his familial home.  He was one of the first graduates of the Academy, and is among the most powerful mages in Eblana after the Masters.

His reputation is, first and foremost, as an advocate of the view that the Eternal Empire had positive aspects.  He often speaks favourably of the Alliance which became the Empire.  More controversially, Callon has at times worn the armour and regalia of an Imperial general, and has called himself Reyn’Esh in honour of a hero of the Empire.  Callon is also said to be named after his grandfather, who was an Imperial general.  Callon’s true attitude to the Empire is unclear, as some rumours suggest his Imperial leanings were affected for some unknown military purpose.

Callon is a follower of the goddess Hecate.  He says her followers helped his family greatly in the chaos after the Fall.

It is rumoured that Callon has studied cursed items, most infamously an especially keen knife.

Callon has written several articles discussing the Heroes’ early missions, under the title “General Thoughts”, with the helpful reminder of A-B-C, “Always Be Counter-spelling”.  Callon is credited with creating several master-level spells at the Academy.  He is known to clerics and bards as being one of those irritating wizards who likes to be warded as often as possible.

Carawald Brandt

A mage, specialising in abjurative spells, Carawald Brandt is one of the Academy’s experts in magical theory, known for his rediscovery of the drain spell and being the first person to successfully practice ritual magic since the days of the Empire.  It is believed that he is high in the confidence of the Archmage of Emroth, and some whisper that he is even the Archmage’s chosen successor to that position.  He can often be found on campaign with the Academy, but is usually pre-occupied with various matters arising out of the circumstances occurring at the time as his expertise or advice is often sought after.

He is, usually, knowledgeable about the various foes that the Academy faces, and can summarise the strengths and weakness of many of them.  He is, however, prone to the Emrothian habit of speculation and thus these explanations of known data may also include a number of speculative elaborations on their natures.  Despite this, he is considered by many to be an excellent teacher.

He once bought an entire bottle of Mage-Bite from Sobriety LeStrange von Doomsprechen.  This may not have been one of his best thought out plans but it did lead to many entertaining evenings around the campfire.


With his scared face and fangs, Daisuki is an unusual site for an elf. Despite arriving at the Academy with the Wartooth, his claims of not being a wood elf and being from the heart of Etris were not given much weight, until reports of similar looking elves killing and eating others in Etris that tried to settle close to the heart came to light. His opinion on the matter was simple, stay away from the Heart of Etris.

His duties scouting, often keep him busy and away from the core of the activity when the Academy is out on a mission somewhere, but he does seem to go out of his way to make it back for meals. Undeterred by the evidence supporting his first claims, most seem to dismiss the other things he says: He has seen centuries and was hundreds of years old at the time the Empire fell, unlike the wood elves, his people were never part of the Empire, magic doesn’t work how you think and is not restricted to spells.

Even though some people view him as a crotchety old cat, who is only there for food, it can’t be denied that he is skilled with many weapons, taught the Academy how to disarm people without spell casting, and is generally a source of controlled destruction either in the front lines or appearing somewhere behind the enemies lines.


Alchemist and rogue of the academy; the master scout of the rangers group out of Wavemouth.

Marshal champion of his graduating class, Devnoll was joint leader of the first mission his class partook in. He lead a recon mission to reclaim some lost artifacts, while Prima Noctus lead the mission to take and hold the village of memories.

Devnoll continued to distinguish himself throughout the following missions, his prodigious alchemy skills and skirmisher tactics earning him some renown among his fellow graduates

A devote of Cobra, Devnoll was deputy commander when the Academy held the line defending their home against the forces of the Warlord and Dev again took up a second in command position when returning to his former home in Wavemouth where the rest of the academy learned he was the grandson of the capo of the Goblin Markets, Gabson. In Wavemouth Devnoll slew the terrifying siren creature as well as a heretical traitor to the goblin Markets Horx, as well as helping the mission leader Morgan navigate Wavemouth’s sinister political landscape.

Though over the years Devnoll has been accused of various unruly deeds rarely have any been found true Devnoll himself mostly laughing off most and valiantly defying others.

He now still maintains a strong presence around scouting missions and spends a great deal of time perfecting his goals to become a master of the alchemical arts.

Mercy LeStrange-vonDoomsprechen

Curious and enthusiastic, she unfortunately has no sense of self-preservation and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “fear”, causing many to wonder how she survived a childhood in von Doomsprechen.  She is a happy individual, who normally looks on the bright side of things, and is only very occasionally prone to fits of murderous violence; and, in such cases, usually only if provoked.  Mercy can generally be found either at the front of a fight, hitting things with a sword, or well behind the line getting healed; if in neither of these places, it is likely she is past enemy lines being taken captive.

Mercy is now a Dread Wizard, but before this, claimed for a long time to be a fighter, despite all evidence to the contrary.  It has been said that her classmates were encouraged to use lure and suggestion to get her to attend class so she would one-day graduate and not be Master Daud’s problem any more.  Rumour also has it that she once grabbed Master Daud by his robes and tried shaking him while yelling at him, yet is still alive.

Mercy is a member of the LeStrange family, and as such, tries to uphold the virtue she chose; she was doing reasonably well at abiding by her name until she was held captive by the Warlord’s forces.  She would be reluctant to admit that she used the time to indulge in her vice, fighting everything that approached her and giving in completely to fury and rage; however, in the months following her re-appearance, it wasn’t exactly hard to spot that she was having difficulty reverting back from Merciless.  One look at her face is enough to suggest why Mercy is a walking cautionary tale; the upside-down brand from the Warlord, and the weird veins on her face that appeared not so long ago suggest that disappearing off on adventures can have consequences.  If, when teaching undergraduates, she spots similar tendencies to recklessly wander off, she feels the need to pass on what Prima once pointed out to her: that, by doing so, you risk the lives of those that will try to save you.  That you might get hurt, and that your family worry about you.  If any reply that they have no family to care about them, she will reply that they are wrong; as a member of the Academy, you are part of a family.  She also made some attempt to follow this advice herself, beginning to wear armour and making sure her pockets were full of both healing potions and mana potions for healers, but her behaviour once more turned increasingly erratic in recent times.

Mercy likes daffodils, the scent of pine trees, and making things. She’s not a terribly good alchemist, but she is a terribly enthusiastic one.  She also bakes a lot.  The two hobbies probably aren’t related.  If given opportunity, she will talk about her pet pygmy cow, Marguerite, at great length.  Marguerite aided her in her campaign to give Valiant a reason for constantly looking in the mirror, but she had to leave her behind when she set out for the Academy.  She also was convinced that she’d left her mother at home, until one-day Chastity happily flittered by her in an Academy camp, chasing everything with a pulse.  Thankfully, most of the rest of her beloved family are safe at Castle de’Ath, nestled deep in the valley of von Doomsprechen.

Prima Noctis (Deceased – The Way Forward)

Born in Keep Peace, Prima came to the Academy of Eblana with her brothers, Dan and Moon.  Her father had adventured with some of the Masters of the Academy, and she was raised on stories of heroics.  Prima studied fighter’s skills, with focus on command and logistics.

Prima took command of her first mission on the day of her graduation.  She led 17 heroes of the academy in defence of a small village against bandits and a basilisk, with Wren as her field commander.

She led a number of other missions before stepping back and encouraging others to take up the role of commander.  She does her best to make herself available to any new commanders for advice or support.

Prima stepped back up as commander to lead the Academy against The Warlord.  On this mission, her brother Moon was killed, and she lost two Heroes to the enemy, although they were later rescued from captivity.  The Warlord was defeated on the field of battle, but merely faded away and has returned to plague The Academy since.

Students at the Academy are welcome to train with her whenever she can find time, and she has a preference for teaching via game-like exercises rather than lessons.  While she does run exercises with training weapons and pulled blows she also believes in live exercises with clerics on standby, as she is firmly of the belief that you don’t want your first experience fighting with a bleeding limb to come about when you’re fighting somebody who actually wants to kill you.

Personality-wise it’s generally said that Prima has “loosened up a lot” since coming to the Academy, but newcomers are generally warned not to push her anyway.  She can be quite cold to any who are overly familiar with her, but will take time (if she can) to listen to any who come to her with problems or concerns.  The best ways to get to know her are to adventure with her or to sing with her down the pub.  After a few drinks, the filthy songs come out, and it’s a lot harder for her to keep her pose of aloof detachment while she’s describing the antics of the Soldier’s Nag!

Despite what the rumours may say, she has not yet been assassinated by The Warlord.

Prima fell in battle at Dol Morgan.


Ray is a Fae bard who has lived since the time of the Empire, and as with most Fae at the time, was a slave for the entertainment of the Elves.  Perhaps understandably, he’s extremely bitter about this, and very publicly despises the Empire and everything it stood for.  His facial glamour depicts a crudely draw picture of a field and the sky, which changes as the day progresses.  New students of the Academy are occasionally dared to ask him about it.  On campaign, he is frequently covered from head to toe in finely woven links of chain-mail which he calls “Fae-weave chain,” but which has earned him the nickname “Shiniest Fae.”

When he’s asked to assist with lessons, he speaks of magic in terms of the word and the will, the voice and the song – each an aspect of how the world works and how the hero shapes the world as they would have it.  He was the first bard among the Heroes of the Academy to experiment with enchanted magic.  His conception of the higher forms of magic is shaped by perspective of songs: he considers it like a “resonance” of a musical instrument: how the same whistle can be made to make a sound an octave higher without changing the whistle or even the tune.  Whether this makes sense to anyone who’s trying to follow up on this research or not is uncertain.

Away from the Academy, he’s known to frequent some of the seedier bars with a deck of cards, offering to play any challengers.  The stakes are usually low, the cost of a round of drinks or so, but occasionally crystal has been on the line, and not always in small amounts.  Not everyone at the Academy approves of this habit.


Raziel comes from the coastal town of Wavemouth, much like many other goblins, he’s got ties to the Goblin Markets of Wavemouth and has been seen in Capo Gabsons’ company on occasion.

His early days in the academy were spent sneaking and scouting alongside Devnol and Kerrigan. He’s been known to sneak behind enemy lines and use his wizardly aptitude to disrupt them making picking them off much easier for his fellow graduates.

Rumours abound that he’s personally hunted by one of the Sidhe, the Huntsman and that he’s one of the only three survivors from the first encounter with the great Sidhe. Ever since that day, he is always glancing behind his shoulder.

One of his major achievements was successfully leading the first academy expedition into the forest of Etrics, to meet the great conclave. There he was a staunch proponent of the diplomatic approach for the orcs who were rapidly running out of space to live in the outskirts of the forest.

Things have changed drastically since his early days in the Academy, Raziel has been spending less time scouting and socializing with his fellow scouts and instead took to the company of master Daud and his arcane and demonic studies. He is known to have developed a spell so powerful even he himself cannot wield it.

In the last few years he’s grown even more secretive and secluded and the few that have seen him, report that upon his face, marking not too dissimilar from master Daud have appeared and that he’s developed quite the temper.

Despite all these recent changes, he still teaches at the academy, mostly focusing on the close quarters approach to battlefield management employed by mages and rogues. Ever since Master Daud has been teaching less, Raziel has taken it upon himself to fill in the gaps for Students of the academy, especially those with the knack for words of power and the ability to employ subtlety.

Regal Birch

Regal Birch is an accomplished warrior of the Academy.  He can often be seen training with the trainees and graduates, helping them refine their skills.  His martial focus has been on defensive skills, and while he is not the toughest fighter amongst the graduates of the Academy, his skills at resisting effects mean it is very hard to take him out of any combat situation.

While Regal does not have any skills as a Mage or Cleric, he has used his theoretical knowledge of Magic to discover the possibly of learning an Affinity to certain magics, and has been teaching his methods for how attune to Healing magic to any who are willing to learn.

Regal spends much of his time around the town of Eblana itself, talking with and helping the various traders, farmers and settlers who are rebuilding the ruined city.  He believes that normal people are the drivers of the world that will establish lasting change.  To this end, Regal helped found the Eblana militia to help the people contribute to their own destinies.


An extract from the original pamphlet “The great wizard T’Nah’Rel and why he is always right, by Th’Arg of Etis”
T’Rel, the Herald of Storm, he who command His lightning and speaks with His voice is the greatest known living orc wizard. Hailing from the deep forest of Etris, his arcane might is matched only by his ferocious defense of his friends and his continuing diplomatic triumphs with the denizens of inner Etris and his close friends in Wavemouth.
Having joined the Academy with the fervent wish to spread tolerance and foster an understanding of Storm, T’Rel has risen to be a powerful influence among the academy graduates. Despite having to contend with those who would rather speak with their swords, he has managed to inspire loyalty among his own group of eager followers. Indeed, this author rightfully counts him as the greatest orc philosopher of modern times.
A master of both arcane and divine magics, T’Rel has recently turned his attention to study of the coral, a magical substance of near unlimited possibilities. Only time will tell how much the genius arcanist will unlock from this new source of power.
Now that we are one with Akash Mortuum, the great God in the deep, we have become even more than we were before and continue on the path that has been set before us. We like T’Rel and we’re glad we’re him. It is good.


Taliesin ap Gwion is a Wood Elf from Whisperoak in the Etris Forest. He seems to be quite old…even for an Elf. Taliesin is a member of the Sycamore Contingent, a group of people sent by Whisperoak to check, and try, out the Academy. Some people believe he heads that unit, but the more astute know that Therin is the Sycamore Contingent’s Leader. However, the really astute notice that Therin often defers to Taliesin.

The Sycamore Contingent is a unit heavy with Clerics but, even among the Sycamore Contingent, Taliesin shines out as one of the greater Clerics amongst the Academy graduates. Along with his son, Ishmael, and Drana of the Wartooth, he is known as one of the Clerics that can heal and repair large groups of graduates at once. He is also known, though mostly among the Clerics and the front line Fighters, as the Cleric who specialises in keeping the Fighters alive during combat. Taliesin is a follower of Vaul, an old God from the time of the Empire. Vaul is the Craftsman and the Soldiers’ God. As such, Taliesin is somewhat of a War Cleric, as he follows the 2nd Aspect of Vaul. Few know that he was a solider in his younger days.

Taliesin is also a family man and patriarch. His wife, daughter, two sons and two grandsons, have all graduated from the Academy. Two of them, his daughter and one of his grandsons and namesake, have given their lives for the Academy.

However, to most people he is the curmudgeonly, cranky, sometimes secretive, old Elven Cleric who has picked most of them up on the battlefield at one time or another, and who knows, when the sun goes down, where the best booze is kept!

Toki Wartooth

One of the first students to graduate from the Academy, Toki arrived with the rest of the Wartooth directly from Etris. Though the Wartooth kept to themselves at first, they have become less isolationist over the years, surrounded by the other species and peoples from across the world. All of Wartooth are now considered to be an indispensable core group of Graduates of the Academy.

Toki is a Mage by training, and one of the most powerful wielders of magic found in New Eblana, but many people forget this as he spends just as much time in combat training with the fighters, and taking part in woodcraft, tracking and scouting with the rogues, as he spends with the mages and their books and wands. He also needs to be reminded from time to time that he can tap into other worldly powers to deal with threats to the Academy as bow and blade tend to be his first solution to most dangers.

Easily distracted, absent minded, strange, otherworldly, mad, completely insane (by the Gods don’t give him a polearm) have all have been used to describe Toki by various members of the Academy, Under-Graduates, Graduates and Masters alike. Strange talk of peoples “lights”, confusing snatches of conversation overheard about a High Elf in his head, extended rants of the subject of Squirrels, all of these and more follow the apparently unconcerned and carefree Wood Elf who wanders through New Eblana and surrounding lands with no apparent plan or destination in mind.

Even with this reputation of strangeness and a habit of wandering off halfway through whatever task he is doing, Toki has been given a group of Under-Graduates by Master Daud to train in “Practical Kinetic Mage-craft”. He also teaches archery and hunting to anyone who is willing to learn. Many of the more experienced Graduates have also learnt that when they have come to a impasse with a tricky situation or need clarity when matters are clouded, Toki’s different way of seeing things is just what they need to take the next step.

Just don’t mention Master Monty to him! Really, we mean it!

The Way Forward

Amaranth Wartooth

Amaranth is known to some members of the Academy as one half of the twin Angels of Absolution.  Others confuse her with another member of Wartooth.  Do not make this mistake.  She is easily recognisable as a wood elf rogue, and member of Wartooth, with her long braids and tall spear.

Originally from Etris, she joined the Academy with the rest of Wartooth to help fight for a better world, and prevent the rise of a new Empire.

She has been with the Academy since the first outing and graduation, scouting or fighting on the flanks, and it is here she is most comfortable, using her skills as a master Rogue to take out her enemies.  Her weapon of choice is her spear, and her tactical expertise is as sharp as the tip of that lethal weapon, which many enemies of the Academy have learned far too late.

If she’s not fighting, she can be found in the labs, mixing ingredients to create alchemical potions or new ways to drink gin.

She is fiercely loyal and protective to those she cares about, and shows affection through her dry wit and plain speaking, which catches many of the Academy off-guard.


Dressed in ragged leather and often wearing striking face paint, Drana of Wartooth (Yes, that Wartooth, they are not the Empire) is one of the better-known clerics to graduate from the Academy.  A devotee of Hecate, his approach to the workings of the Academy can be somewhat unorthodox, but, particularly in terms of research, they’ve been shown to be effective.  Both the techniques of Flesh and Steel and Inclusive Prayer were discovered by him (or, as he would put it, stolen from the Bards by him).  Ask him to explain how, though, and the answers come in the form of confusing framed narrative legends, or the lyrics for a four-part marching hymn, which often leaves the questioner more confused than before.

More recent research activities, or, at least, so people assume, have seen him cajoling students into card games based on elements, dancing at crossroads, producing elaborate knotwork diagrams and even, for some reason, playing in sandpits. Any request for an explanation normally results in the curious party leaving with more questions than they started with, unsure if this is part of a lesson or if he’s just making fun.

With all of this, it is perhaps not surprising that rumours have sprung up around him, which his fellow graduates have taken to repeating with a noted glee.  “Drana can raise people from the dead”. “Drana is actually a Sidhe”. “Drana once ghost-formed somebody so hard they died!”. These and other gibes, Drana often endures with…variable grace.

Gideon Alder

The foremost wielder of destruction magic in the Academy, Gideon hails from Emroth, the city of mages and lore. Son of the former Archmage, Gideon was sent to study at the Academy by his father, and became the apprentice to Master Daud, the Academy’s master of secrets. Soft-spoken when not in battle, Gideon often seems distracted or pre-occupied, and is almost constantly weary.

He was bethrothed to Prima Noctus of Keep Peace, who died at Dol Morgan, and has taken up her place and responsibilities in Keep Peace following her death.  In recent times it has come to light that he had been enthralled to the Demon Sarduul, the secret patron of the Academy, since his youth.  With the help of the Academy, he has thrown off this yoke, and it remains to be seen how this change will affect him. He remains the Voice of the Order of Sarduul in name, though this means very little any more.

Gideon is a worshiper of the, once forgotten God, Morpheus, the God of dream and memory, whose patronage he sought in order to help break the hold of the Demon Sarduul had upon him.

Through his studies, Gideon has created the ability to cast two destruction spells at once, with the first spell partially fuelling the second. He has also perfected an Enchanted version of the Daze spell.

He has recently taken on an apprentice of his own, an Elf from Emroth by the name of Samuel Caver, a noted duelist in his own right, and recent graduate of the Academy.


When he first came to the Academy he was known as the Runt.  He travelled with Mal’ka’ram’s pack with his older sister Ras’ta’kel.  Along with Ras, Lar, T’rel and Ka’e’tenay, he joined the Academy and was among the first to graduate.  Many took this for his given name before they came to realise that it was a diminutive because he is a half-orc.  Nowadays people are advised to call him Runt at their own peril.

Like many of the orcs of Etris, Grak’sus is strong believer in the orcish totemic pantheon, praising the spirits and seeking their guidance when each is appropriate.  His childlike perspective is less one of zealotry and more that the spirits are the coolest thing he’s ever heard of.  The only exception is Brother Storm, the destroyer and end bringer, Grak’sus hates him openly and follows the superstition that invoking his name will bring doom.

Grak’sus is a rogue by training but he has developed his own branch of the art which he calls barbarian.  Rather than being a pure flanker and stealth attacker, he channels rage to break straight through the frontline of the enemy whether to kill a target or rescue a friend.  The practice and honing of these skills lead to a number of people being terrified and has earned him a reputation amongst many of the undergraduates as not someone to be near if quiet or an undisrupted meal time are sought.  The finalised skills of the barbarian have been shared with the Academy for all future graduates to learn.

When he wants to, Grak’sus is a master of stealth successfully working with Master Mag’nar to hunt and kill forces of the Warlord and Storyteller as they move around the lands that were the Empire.  He has used his skills on numerous missions to infiltrate enemy battle lines and cause disruption or indeed to engage in his other great skill, diplomacy.  His exploits at Dol Morgan have earned him the unofficial title of a master of diplomacy by numerous members of the graduates.

Grak’sus has done battle with the Basilisk and lived to tell about it.  The greatest villain he has slain to date, however, is the Eternal Regent of deep Dol Morgan.  He met him on an honourable battlefield and fought multiple skirmishes before finally slaying him with support of Daisuke while Olin shut down the Soulless.  He has also acquired the Mark of the Changeling though still has no idea what this means or what the long-term implications may be, he knows only that everyone is counting on him.

When not fighting, sneaking or diploming, Grak’sus enjoys learning about other cultures through drunken exchanges and delights in training his apprentice.

Valiant Le Strange

Sir Valiant is a fighter in the Academy who hails from Doomsprechen in the South.  He is the campaign fund treasurer for the Academy crystal stores, due to his background as a Margrave in his homeland.  Valiant developed the Void Blade Technique and the schematics for the Drain Blade weapon and is adept at weapon design.  A demon lodged a piece of crystal into his chest at Wavemouth in exchange for rescuing two graduates from the Warlord and the glittering formation has become a recognizable feature due to the crystal veins spreading up from his chest.  He teaches undergraduates regularly specifically in tactics for combating the enemies of the Academy and managing resources.  Valiant was knighted by Master Suidan after the death of Sir Marion.  His love life and marriage prospects are often a subject of gossip amidst the undergraduates due to his flamboyant nature.


Siege of Doomsprechen


Born in Karashima to House Horned Beetle of Clan Courage.  Unlike some Academy members who were adopted into their clans, he was born a Karashiman.  Agnar is an unusual name for a Karashiman.  When asked, Agnar attributes it to his grandfather who, on becoming a Karashiman and marrying Agnar’s grandmother, took another name.  It is out of respect to his grandfather, on coming of age, that Agnar took the original name of his grandfather.  Agnar favours defence and caution.  It is for this reason he is often seen in full armour with shield on guard duty and ensuring there are guards to protect his fellow graduates.  It was due to his involvement organising guard duty that he jointly led the expedition to Emroth, where the Academy guarded the gates to the city.

By defeating Regal in single combat within the stone circle at Wavemouth, he became an aspirant for a spirit of an Orc from the time of the Empire, called Gash Karakaz, who he sometimes refers to as Broken Tusk.  Broken Tusk has been with him ever since.  Agnar became a student of Fabron and, under his tutelage, learned to fashion a unique set of armour.  Although Fabron may not be all he seems.  In recognition of his dedication to the tenants of Karashiman honour he was recently given a sword by his fellow Karashimans, in the academy, Zeehta and Oda.  Until then he favoured his axe. Master Suidan knighted him along with Valiant, Regal and Prima.


Coming to the Academy originally as a member of Devnoll’s Rangers after a chequered past, Barnaby has since split from the Rangers and the Cobra religion following the events at Shadowmoor and his death during the Academy’s first encounter with the Huntsman.  Despite the setback of his death, Barnaby is still an active member of the Academy.  He is frequently called one of the Risen and seems to have some tie to the Huntsman.

Known as much for his poor personal life decisions as his stalwart skills as a fighter, he is credited with starting the trend among undergraduates for drinking experimental potions and poisons as a test of personal endurance.  Relatedly, he is known to be a Master Alchemist, and sells his wares for what he says is base cost.  He is known to have created a potion to extend how long it takes a person to bleed to death, though this recipe is not yet commonly taught.  He was also one of the first to come up with the means to stretch out the usage of a poison, which is now commonly taught in the Academy.

Demoted to undergraduate along with several other Risen, Barnaby has since proven himself again to both the masters and the other graduates, and regraduated on the mission outside New Eblana.  Since then he served as Second-in-command on that mission, the mission at Dol Morgan, and briefly during the recent mission to Doomsprechen.

Barnaby is one of the most easily identified graduates, given his unique fashion sense.  Some have speculated that his clothing is a distraction tactic to blind his enemies, or punish graduates who had a bit too much to drink the night before.  Others say that he is simply a fashion pioneer, and others have it on very good authority that he rescued a travelling entertainer from brigands and was gifted his clothes.

Ginno Zheeta

Hailing from Karashima, Ginno Zheeta is known to the wider circles of the Academy as a polite and quiet mage.  Often seen working in the offices of Master Daud when not at classes, she also spends a significant amount of time in the taverns of New Eblana, listening to the bards that ply their trade within their walls.  On a good night, she may even join them, and sing stories that range from maudlin to inspirational.

Those who have travelled with her, however, will tell you there is more than Karashima in her past.  A fae who survived the Fall, her hatred of the Empire is no secret, and it has led to some passionate exchanges with other graduates who do not share her zeal.

Fierce in battle, and unafraid to cast from the front lines, clerics are known to despair when she is brought to them for the tenth time, only to return to the fray to fire spells at enemies, and end up at their feet once more moments later.

Sometimes seen is her mischievous side, which manifests most often around Wartooth, a group with whom she spends a lot of time.  Rumour has it that her recent innovation of crystals that grant an affinity to imbue were purely for their benefit, and the elusive but infamous ‘Stealthtooth’ is obviously a play on their naming convention.

In the past, whispers flew that she was somehow tied to the Storyteller, sometimes the Changeling, both powerful Sidhe enemies of the Academy.  More recently, however, she is known for her actions in the Valley of de’Ath, where it is said she was instrumental in defying Master Daud’s wishes and changing the outcome of the battle against the demon known as Father.


One of the Academy’s more powerful mages, Larten hails from the magical metropolis of Emroth.  A half-elf, he has made full use of the magical legacy of his blood, entering his first Wizard’s Symposium when he was a mere twelve years of age.

A scholar possessed of an insatiable curiosity, Larten is the half-elven Loremaster of The Academy, tirelessly recording all manner of Lore.  Rarely seen without a book and pencil, he is always willing to share information with those who ask for it, though he has the tendency to share more than was asked for.

For some time, he bore the great tome “Balance”, a potent magical focus in its own right and the repository of The Academy’s Lore, both magical and mundane.  Recently, it was stolen by the Sidhe known as The Storyteller.  It remains to be seen to what dread purpose the book, with its link to Larten and The Academy, will be put.

Larten often keeps company with the other senior mages of The Academy, and can be found honing his craft with the likes of Gideon or Callon.  He and his fellow Emrothians are passionately interested in understanding the world, and its mysteries.

Often found studying, or simply sitting in The Last Order, Larten is happy to be approached for information and will generally help people along with their studies, or push undergraduates towards answers to questions the Masters have asked.  While he does not claim to know all the answers, or even to be a Hero, he will always help those in need.

Mimir Steelhead

Mimir is known as a rarity in the Academy, as one of the only people, possibly the only one, who has reached Master grade in two types of crafting, specifically weapon smithing and armour smithing.  They were born and trained in Dol Morgan, as a cleric of Vaul and a skald, as well as a smith.  However, while they excelled at their smithing training and performed very well at their clerical studies, it was at the cost of their skald training, only barely completing it.

Mimir left Dol Morgan to find more stories, as they found the idea of just telling and retelling stories of the dwarves to be far too limiting. Many people find Mimir’s stories interesting, although Mimir has a tendency to go off on one tangent after another, resulting in them finishing a story that is five or six steps removed from the story they were originally telling.  They have a reputation for trying strange things when crafting, based on using unusual materials or strange ideas.  As a result, they have a maybe unearned reputation of causing explosions and other incidents whenever they are crafting or attempting any new experiments.  Another unique aspect of Mimir is that they don’t like fighting, and try to avoid getting involved in combat – their sole offensive spell is a long-lasting Mute, which is only deployed against people interrupting Mimir during research.  However, Mimir has a variety of protection and restorative spells, which allows them to be an asset as a back-line healer.

Therin Whisperoak

Therin’s first mission was the Caravan.  He came with the First of the Sycamore Contingent and is their leader.  He is known for being extremely vocal, not only in volume, and if he disagrees in matter or a policy he will let everyone know about.  However, there is more to Therin than opinion and volume. He was awarded with a sash by Sir Marion at Etris.  It is rumoured that he is a Cleric because he wears armour and casts spells and, after all, the Sycamores are all clerics (what’s publicly know is not necessarily true, after all).  He is one of the 2 surviving members of the Black library mission.

Therin is an elf from Etris.  He’s fairly tall and an Academy veteran.  Therin is known to some as perhaps the toughest wizard to graduate from the Academy.  Some people know his Lover was killed at Wavemouth, as well as one of his closest Human friends.  A few whisper that, for a time, he was mad with grief but seems to have returned to his senses.  Therin’s favourite meal is squirrel stew and he is an accomplished camp cook, which shows his leadership style is a sort of ‘first amongst equals’ approach as no task is beneath him.

Therin is always looking out for his team and can commonly be seen checking on them.  Therin is known to be many things, loud and commanding, but also a bit of a mother hen.  Is he a cleric, is he a wizard? For all this, only those who are close to Therin know what he is like and that’s the way he likes it.

The Price of Honour

Lady Contessa Sterling

Lady Contessa Sterling is a perfectly normal human, or so she claims. It’s true that she can grow a beard to rival any dwarf, but many of her eccentricities can be put down to the fact that she lived in a forest without any human contact, until shortly before she arrived at the Academy.

She has probably introduced herself to you many times, but does so with many of her friends as well.

No-one knows how Lady Contessa Sterling graduated, least of all her. She was Master Marian’s best friend and studied extensively under Master Blue, but Master Monty’s lectures are where she slept the most. A few students have attempted to take classes from Contessa, assuming that they’d score an easy grade, but all of her lessons devolve into gossip and the papers she sets are uniformly difficult to understand and impossible to pass.

She has gotten over the shock of almost certain death from her first Academy mission and now enjoys the camaraderie and almost certain death of subsequent missions. She usually has at least one ‘Stop Bleed’ handy, should you go down, but try not to bleed in more than one location.

Lady Contessa Sterling once led an expedition to the Smoking Mountain where no-one died. She’ll tell you the story, but to save time, it’s a volcano, not a dragon, or a magic forge.

Olin Vanwa

Olin Vanwa, Cleric of Vaul, Servant of Vaul, That Creature.
Olin has been called many things and not all of them complementary. Recognisable by the black marks around his starkly yellow eyes, he was sent to the Academy by the Archmage of Emroth after an accident left him without memory and these unusual marks.

Under the care and attention of the masters of the academy he learned over time what had happened, and why. Charged by the Dwarven god Vaul to fix what had been done to the creatures called the Soulless, the Mirrorskin of the ancient alliance. Once these creatures had served the Alliance in opposition of the Sidhe, but now they followed commands dating back to the Empire; killing those who did not meet the standards set in that dark time, and enforcing the rule of a long dead Empress, who, through lies and trickery, had claimed them as her own.

Now reforged, maintained and repaired by the Power of Vaul, Olin had dedicated himself to this goal; his friends in the Academy.

It was in Dol’Morgan with the Academy at his back that this task was finally completed. The Mirroskin now sleep once more, and his task is completed, but he remains behind. There was another far more personal goal that kept Olin going. A Graduate of the academy named Kerrigan; Hunted by one of the Sidhe, killed and brought back. Once, many years ago now he had seen her weep at her situation. To see such a heroic person brought down like this broke his heart. Olin Tried many things to help her but never succeeded. Every failure only increased his resolve. You see, the more he tried to help her, the more this Cleric of Cobra mended his heart, gave him purpose. Over time they came to love each other.

In the end, it was another Graduate, Toki who saved her. Granted a boon by a benevolent Sidhe he wished that the two of them have a life together. This was how they found themselves wed, and a life together is what they now share. Olin’s devotion is now to his god and to his wife.

Now it is rare to see the two of them far from each other, each seeming to know where the other is instinctively. Normally first to the fight (or behind enemy lines, snatching the fallen), they are resolved to stand with the Academy until the end.


Valentinian of Whisperoak hails from the Etris Forest. He was one of the first Sycamore’s to attend the Academy and is a cleric. Like Therin, he is one of the two surviving members of the first Black Library mission. Rumour claims that he was captured along with Mercy von Doomsprechen by the Warlord’s forces so as to gather information on that foe but if you ask him that he merely shares a wry smile with the sky.

A human, he has been described as the ‘sensible one’ of the Sycamore Contingent and the undergraduates often think his spell vocals are ‘entertaining’, right up until that one sided chat ends up disarming them or healing their wounds after they mess up a parry. No one at the Academy is really sure who it is he worships, ‘Boss’ covers a lot of ground after all and Valentinian isn’t telling. And, as he is fond of saying, names have power.

Before he attended the Academy he did, to use his words ‘this and that’ and travelled ‘here and there’. He is known to have been a member of the mercenary unit the Grey Company though undoubtedly not using the name he uses now. The Grey Company were known for nom de guerres, don’t forget.

When not on a mission with the Academy, where he is usually near the sharp end, he can be found ‘thinking’ in the bar. Well, he says he’s thinking others would claim he’s just drinking but his thinking sessions have resulted in several new spells and a generic mana focus so his methodology obviously works.

Tall, slim, greying and not as young as he used to be he can still be a good comrade to have by your side when the metal meets the meat.