Motto:                          “Knowledge is Power.”
Coat of Arms:             A Black Field with a shining Tower in the center
Settlement Type:       New construction surrounding an Imperial Tower
Ruler:                            The Archmage
Population:                 3,500
Major Products:         Inscriptions, Magical Items, Scribe Services, Translations

Emroth is a city of learning, and magic. Within its walls gather the scholars and experimenters of the age. Here, the secrets of magic are explored, the nature of reality debated. The laws of nature tested. The Loremasters of Emroth are legendary for their learning, and even more legendary for their lack of consensus. A common proverb states “The Sages of Emroth have at least two answers for every question, and at least three questions for every answer.”

Though its core is a small set of Imperial ruins, the settlement itself is new. Some ancient catastrophe left only three buildings standing in a rough circle at the centre of what was once an Imperial settlement: A crumbling library, whose single tower stands without door or window, a shrine to the God Xerxes, and a shattered coliseum. Around these relics have been constructed the city of Emroth, a bright light of learning and enlightenment in these dark times.

Emroth was founded some thirty five years ago when an exploratory party lead by the adventurer Rafe Alder discovered the Imperial ruins. It attracted those of a scholarly and magical disposition, and grew quickly. Ruled by the Archmage, and the Loremasters of the Five Colleges, it is a close ally of New Eblana and the Academy, and a steady flow of trade occurs in both directions. The Academy’s Master of Magic, Master Daud, makes not infrequent journeys to the City to keep abreast of the recent discoveries and innovations by the Mages of Emroth, and several of the Academy’s pupils call Emroth home.

Most Emrothians practice magic to some degree, though many are hedge mages, capable of using only the most minor of spells. Those with less or no magical ability go about their daily lives. A settlement cannot survive on learning alone and while the scions of the Higher Orders may consider the necessities of life as something that simply happens, the older generation know better, and have worked to ensure that there is a thriving community of people to support the needs of the town. Farmers raise livestock in the arid scrublands that surround the settlement and scribes assist in the management and curation of the Great Library. The ever-constant threat of the Quess raiders means that there is frequent demand for skilled men-at-arms to defend the outlying farms, and the city itself, as well as the trade caravans that travel between the city and the other major settlements in the world.

Hosted by the Colleges of Trade and Geography, the Grand Symposium of Emroth is held every three years. The Symposium seeks to draw Mages and Knowledge from the far corners of the world, bringing to light ancient lore that has been discovered, and spreading the word of new magics that have been crafted. Those who are deemed to have contributed most greatly to The Art are awarded bursaries, and even more precious, the regard of their peers. Any who wish to consider themselves great mages, or would wish to learn from them, flock to Emroth at this time.

Even this shining bastion of learning is under threat in these dark times however. The Quess raiders, the relentless snake-men of the plains, mass to attack the gathering. And there are rumours of worse still. The forces of the Warlord. The machinations of the Demon known as the Father.

In these turbulent times, Emroth reaches out to its ally. Can the Academy protect this beacon of learning from the darkness that threatens to engulf it?