Motto:                     “As Above, So Below.”
Coat of Arms:         A lake with a snow capped mountain above, and a reflection of the mountain in the water below.
Settlement Type:   New settlement and resettled Imperial Mine.
Ruler:                       Tardof Mountainforger.
Population:            7,000
Major Products:    Ores, Metalwork, Engineering, Weaponsmithing, Armourcraft, Stonemasonry.

Morgan is the tallest mountain in the range known as the Sentinels, whose snow-capped peaks have never been conquered. At its summit grows Shayanmorgan, “The Bright Tree of Morgan”, which shines with a light that can be seen for Leagues. Legend claims a mortal who eats the fruit of The Tree will gain their heart’s desire, and a trail of frozen corpses littering Morgan’s southern slopes attest to its appeal, if not its accuracy.

In the Age of the Empire, the dwarves mined deep into the roots beneath Morgan, and the mine took on the name DolMorgan, “The Heart of Morgan”. Few High Elves, if any, set foot within the mine, for it was a dwarven hold. The Regent held sway in the Empresses’ name, DolMorgan paid its Imperial tithes in metal and coin, and its inhabitants spent their time in labours of love, crafting some of the most wondrous creations ever to see the light of day. Famous for its keen weapons, its masterful armour, and its cunning artifices, DolMorgan gained the title “The City of Smiths”.

Like so many Imperial Cities, the DolMorgan that was vanished with The Fall. In the years that followed, the dwarf Tardof Mountainforger and a score of stalwart companions known as “The Iron Guard” cleared the area around the entrance to the mine of all bandits and dangerous beasts.  Shortly after, dwellings sprung up around the entrance to the mine, and Tardof became the first mayor of DolMorgan. All were welcome to join him there, once they did not cause trouble to the growing community.

Though much of what has become DolMorgan is outside of the mountain, there are those who wish to emulate the dwarves of old, and live within the mine itself. These dwarves largely live and work in isolated Clan run mines or craft halls nestled within Morgan’s rocky embrace. The winding ways beneath the mountain are many, and each Clan is convinced that they are the best there is at their art. Some indulge in acts of sabotage or spying on their neighbours, and tensions run high beneath the mountain. The constable of DolMorgan, dubbed “The Dwarf Lord” and his deputies, called “The Iron Guard” after the heroes that once brought peace to the region, do their best to police the strife that erupts. Often, it is with a gentle hand, and a careful word, but they are ready to answer aggression with wrath when the need arises. It is an old tradition that within the walls of DolMorgan, above and below, only the Iron Guard may go armed.

Tradition and mastery of craft are the pillars of DolMorgan society, with Dwarven Bards, or Skalds, carrying the ancient laws and traditions. The Clerics, in contrast, are the moral compass of the settlement, and the two sometime come into conflict over how things should be done. DolMorgan reveres many of the same Gods as the rest of the world, but ancestor worship is a key tenant of its society. As new ancestors are added to the pantheon, the moral compass of the City changes, and comes into conflict with the laws of old. Skald and Cleric are often at odds with one another, as tradition clashes with progress.

The Monastery of the Sacred Ancestors is home to the Keepers of the Flame, a monastic order that tends the Heart Forge of DolMorgan, deep within the mountain. This is the spiritual seat of the City, and the focus of all religious and civil ceremonies. The Forge is fed by the Heart of the Mountain, a spring of living fire, and it is here that the voices of the ancestors can apparently be heard, to direct the development of DolMorgan.

DolMorgan is caught between Tradition and Change. At its borders, the Orcs of Etris have started to push South and East, encroaching on the hinterlands that feed the people of the forge-city. In its halls, young Clerics argue with dusty old Skalds. The tried and true secrets of the forge clash with the innovations of a new age. Between lore and progress, above and below, the people or DolMorgan will be forged to face the world.