Sensitive Topics


Academy of Eblana is an over-18s game, and as a result, the game will occasionally cover adult themes or other content which would not be suitable for minors. Certain topics of discussion, however, are generally more sensitive, and more likely to cause hurt to your fellow players than others.  We have considered specific rules for a number of specific topics, which are discussed on the sensitive topics page.  If a sensitive topic does come up in play that is not covered here, we expect players to respect one another’s boundaries. If a player finds themselves in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe out of character, they should ask to see a referee and remove themselves from that situation.

The Academy of Eblana Team reserves the right to take action if these guidelines are seriously and/or continuously breached. 

The following specific topics have been considered –

There are no mechanics for torture. There never will be. However, interrogation of characters may take place in the game, and may involve application of violence within the existing rules. Players of characters subjected to such violence may choose to roleplay accordingly.

There should never be any mistake around fire safety. Any comment that leads people to believe that real, OC structures, tents or other items will be set on fire should be avoided to prevent confusion. Similarly, archers should never be commanded to “Fire” as this can be confused for the OC safety call. Archers “loose” or “shoot.” Incorporating fires into background, or into IC discussions is acceptable so long as it does not cause breaches of any safety rules.

Sexual Assault:
No reference to Sexual Assault of any sort is permitted. These crimes may not be discussed IC, and any background that incorporates such references will be summarily rejected. Comments about this topic can be considered inappropriate behaviour under the Irish Games Association’s Code of Conduct.

Players who wish to do so may choose to play a prostitute. Any suggestion that such characters are forced to do so is not permitted as per the rules on Sexual Assault. Any roleplay around such activities must be kept within the standards of public decency and must be fully consensual from any and all parties involved, both in and out of character. A common, and somewhat ironic, convention in other systems is that the services sold by IC prostitutes is OC represented by massage: i.e. a massage parlour disguised as a brothel.

Hate Crimes:
Racist, Sexist, Homophobic or other such remarks have no place within this game.  This setting does not have a significant history of gender inequality, for example. Players who engage in such behaviour will be asked to stop. IC “speciesism” (i.e. prejudice against members of one of the IC species) is permitted, but it must be kept IC.

Other Taboo topics:
There are many other taboo topics in modern society, including but not limited to child abuse, self harm, suicide and most other things likely to come with a trigger warning. Discussion and roleplay around these topics is likely to cause upset, and may be hurtful to other players. If you are in doubt about such a topic, consult with a member of the Event Team. If you suspect a fellow player is becoming OOC uncomfortable because of discussion around such a topic we recommend that you change the subject. At the end of the day, we’re all here to have fun, and upsetting one another makes the game less enjoyable for everyone.