Mechanical Effects and RP Effects


Eblana is a post-apocalyptic, high fantasy Live Action Roleplay. Live is the important term here. Wherever and whenever we can, we want to physically represent (phys rep) things. Sometimes that isn’t possible: for example, if you are on the ruins overlooking an ancient elf city. As a general rule though, we want to have our players able to see what they are supposed to see in game and will tailor events to what limitations we have.

The same is true of the magic in the setting. Since magic isn’t real there are only certain things it can do. We don’t have flight or invisibility as spells for this reason. Similarly when players have colds, hangovers, OOC broken limbs or when a piece of paper is torn there is no magic spell that could be reasonably phys repped that will solve the issue. So to answer this in the context of the game we conclude “Magic doesn’t work that way.” This is so that clerics don’t have to make IC excuses. It is just understood.

We like our players to be healthy and happy throughout our games. The health of characters is another matter. To keep things fresh and to remind people that there is more to the game than combat we will sometimes roll out roleplay effects that, were they not caused by a ref, would be outside the bounds of what game mechanics could solve (for example; nausea). RP effects are likely to mess with your character but they will usually have a cure in play.

We work hard to make sure that things make sense within the game. You may have to indulge us waiting until a future event to get answers to questions you have about weird situations. The reason for this message is that we feel it’s important that you guys don’t feel cheated and don’t spend research actions without understanding this core facet of the game first.