Game Policies


This page lists and briefly outlines the policies the event team has developed over the years concerning Sensitive topics, Downtime actions, IC discussions and RP effects.  Each topic has its own individual page to keep this one compact.

Sensitive Topics

Academy of Eblana is an over-18s game, and as a result, the game will occasionally cover adult themes or other content which would not be suitable for minors. Certain topics of discussion, however, are generally more sensitive, and more likely to cause hurt to your fellow players than others.  We have considered specific rules for a number of specific topics, which are discussed on the sensitive topics page.  If a sensitive topic does come up in play that is not covered here, we expect players to respect one another’s boundaries. If a player finds themselves in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe out of character, they should ask to see a referee and remove themselves from that situation.

Downtime Actions

Academy of Eblana is a game set in a very dangerous world. Most downtime actions should take place in the Academy or the character’s home settlement.  Travel to other major settlements is possible, but gaining any traction while there usually requires an invitation delivered in uptime from an NPC or an introduction from a fellow PC.  Travel to non-settled locations is mostly not possible, as these areas are highly dangerous. In general, downtime actions which are risky are not encouraged.  We believe all danger to characters should take place in the “Live” bit of “Live Role Playing,” we’d rather avoid either letting the dice decide or permitting people to do dangerous things with no comeuppance.

IC Discusions

All public IC discussions must take place on the forum here at, rather than on social media or elsewhere, and the topic title should be prefaced with [IC]. This is because this forum is openly accessible to all, and we have a number of players who do not make use of social media for personal reasons.

Mechanical Effects and RP Effects

To keep things fresh and to remind people that there is more to the game than combat we will sometimes roll out roleplay effects that, were they not caused by a ref, would be outside the bounds of what game mechanics could solve (for example; nausea). RP effects are likely to mess with your character but they will usually have a cure in play.