Who have we donated to?

Over the past 15 years the IGA Charity Auction has raised and donated over €250,000 to many worthy children’s charities. Some of the recipients of our bidders hard-earned cash include:

Barretstown Gang Camp

Barretstown was founded in 1994 by Paul Newman as a recreational and therapeutic camping experience for children facing life-threatening illness. It offers support to parents and families, and gives ill children a chance to be children again.

Debra Ireland

DEBRA Ireland (the Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association) was set up by families of children with EB in 1988 to offer help, support and information to Butterfly children and their families.

The Cari Foundation

Children At Risk in Ireland was founded in 1989 and offers therapy and counselling to children, families and adults who have suffered childhood sexual abuse.

Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation

The Foundation provides early intervention home respite to families with children up to the age of 4, with severe neuro developmental delay and palliative conditions requiring extensive medical and nursing care at home.

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital & Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Both these hospitals provide an acute paediatric service and specialist paediatric healthcare for children from all over Ireland. As the services they provide become more and more specialised, the hospital relies more and more on donations to fund research and further the care that they can provide for all their patients.

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever that donations keep coming for all of these charities.

If you are involved with (or know) any children’s charities in Ireland which you feel could benefit from the IGA charity fund, please contact us at charity@gaelcon.com