New Player Info

Welcome to the Academy of Eblana LARP System!

This page is here to provide you with some resources to help understand the game, the game world and LARP in general.

We have a handy guide for new players, available here, which we recommend you read. It includes an explanation of LARP, an overview of the game world, the classes and species available to play, and how to create a character. It also has two handy appendices; one about what things you’ll need to bring to an event, and another on costuming.

The main rule book for the system contains more details for creating a character, and you should familiarise yourself with its contents before playing, although help is always available if you have any queries before or during play.

More information on the general game setting is available here, and more information on the playable species here.

We have a strong presence on Facebook, where we communicate via our Official Page and also the Academy Facebook Group. Please feel free to give the page a like and join the group, to keep up to date with the team and our player base in general.

We also have an online forum where a limited amount of in-character communication happens, and where the announcements made on Facebook also appear.

Finally, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask via any of the channels mentioned above, or simply email us on!